The complying with section lists the setup measures that friend are forced to complete in your McAfee ePO console before installing the application from the save for the integration.

As a user with the McAfee ePO administrator permission, verify that you have installed the expansion plugin in her McAfee ePO console. This expansion plugin is required for the integration. For much more information and to acquire the plugin, in your currently Platform instance, navigate to expertise > short articles > All. In the find field, enter, protection Operations expansion for McAfee ePO.

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The extension plugin associate your now Platform instance to her McAfee ePO console. This connection enables you to referral the defense tags girlfriend that produce in your McAfee ePO console because that the isolate host and initiate malware scan actions to the ability profiles in your now Platform instance.

The protection tags in her McAfee ePO console must match the security tags in the capability records in your now Platform instance.

The adhering to steps show you how to download the expansion plugin, create a defense tag in your McAfee ePO console, and also assign an activity to the tag. For an ext information around the security tags in the McAfee ePO console, see the McAfee Product Documentation website.

Note: The numbers in the following section space from the McAfee ePO console. Contents is offered by permission.

Role required: McAfee ePO administrator

If you have not mounted the extension plugin on her McAfee ePO console, follow these procedures to install it. log in in to her McAfee ePO console v your McAfee user name and password.

If the page shown in the following figure is not displayed, in the peak left that banner the the home page, click the menu icon to screen it.



In the Install expansion dialog, click select File, navigate come the document on her system, and click OK to download it.

After the download is completed, the Software expansions page is displayed with the expansion plugin listed.
If you have actually not created security sign in McAfee ePO console because that the start malware scan and isolate organize actions, follow these steps. Navigate come the home page and click the Tag magazine link.
with the description step selected in the development bar the is displayed, go into a name and also description because that the tag.

For this example, a tag through a name and also description because that the start Malware Scan ability is displayed. This tag surname is what is matched and also referenced in your currently Platform instance.

The messages that are displayed indicate the no plot are right now assigned come this tag, and that the tag can only be used manually.

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with the Tag catalog page the the evaluation step displayed, leaving the settings on this page in their defaults, and, in the progress bar, click Preview.
To include an activity to your brand-new tag, follow these steps. Navigate to the residence page and also in the policy section, click the customer Task Assignments link.
In the mechanism Tree page that is displayed, at the bottom of the page, expand the plot menu and also select New client Task Assignment.
top top the web page that is displayed, navigate to Endpoint protection Threat prevention > plan Based On-Demand Scan > On-Demand Scan - full Scan by selecting the route as presented in the following figure.
In the dialog that is displayed, choose the initiate Malware Scan tag that you created in the coming before steps and also click OK.
If you have not assigned an activity to the Isolate hold action, repeat the previous procedures to assign it.
You have effectively installed the expansion plugin, created security tags, and also assigned jobs to your tags. You have completed the setup for the integration in her McAfee ePO console. The next step is come configure a server in your now Platform instance.