This web page is an experienced guide on just how to kill maggots utilizing the products and also methods argued by our skilled pest manage specialists. Monitor this guide and use the recommended products and we insurance you will be effective in acquiring rid of maggots.

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Maggots space a nightmare come true for nearly everyone. They space filthy and slimy and also not something you would ever want to view in her kitchen or almost everywhere else on her property. A maggot infestation can reason a many problems and also you have to eliminate them entirely before they infect other locations of the home.

If you"ve to be scouring the internet trying to find a equipment to your house maggot infestation, our an extensive guide listed below will lay the end what maggots are, where do maggots come from, how to check for them, how to correctly treat them and also how you can prevent a maggot infestation indigenous happening again.



The first thing the you need to do prior to carrying out any pest control setup is come properly identify the insect you are dealing with and also make certain they room maggots. Untrue identification have the right to lead to utilizing the wrong treatment methods, wasting time and also money. Listed below we will summary what maggots are, what lock look like, and where maggots come from.

When a paris lays eggs, castle turn right into maggots and also hatch within a duration of 7-20 hours.When the larvae hatches, maggots emerge, and also they begin to feed turn off anything the comes their means especially rotting and also unsanitary things.Maggots look choose tiny cream-colored worms and also the largest deserve to reach as much as 20mm in size or 3/4th the an inch long.Maggots perform not have any type of legs, yet they do have two little hooks that offer as their mouthparts because that feeding.Maggots and flies can end up being a problem any type of time of the year especially during the spring and also summer when flies are an ext active.Maggots live for about 5 come 6 work in this step before turning into pupae and also eventually transitioning right into adult flies.

Use the image and the description over to properly recognize Maggots on your property. If you are not sure, contact us and our representative will assist you v the exactly identification of her pest problem.



Maggots don"t just present up the end of nowhere; they display up for a reason. Flies end up being attracted to some rotting product or spoiled food in her home and use that as a breeding ground to lay your eggs which hatch to become maggots. A detailed maggot investigate will assist you pinpoint wherein the maggots are gathering and where you should emphasis your treatment.

Where to Inspect

Maggots are commonly found in areas where over there is rotting food, essential material, or decaying matter and filth. In kitchens, they can be uncovered in pantries in spoiled food, pet food, top top rotting fruit or develop that has actually been to adjust out. Maggots can likewise be found in garbage cans the aren"t sealed or the garbage hasn"t been tossed the end for part time.

What come Look For

You need to look because that maggots us or the appearance of adult flies. Maggots will appear in the type of small white worms in the house wiggling around in the food or filth they are uncovered on. Flies will certainly be hovering approximately filthy locations like garbage and also feces and also will breed and lay your eggs.

You should also look about your perimeter for entry points that flies might possibly use to gain accessibility into your residence (broken door and home window seals, voids in the wall, cracks and also crevices). Note these locations as they will be the locations where you will straight your treatment.


Once girlfriend have confirmed maggot activity, that is time to start treatment. Therapy will emphasis on getting rid of maggots along with getting rid the adult flies. Once you gain control that flies, you will certainly get regulate of maggots.

Before applying any kind of of our recommended commodities you should very first practice IPM (integrated pest management), which consists of sanitation and modifications to your kitchen come discourage maggot activity.

Step 1:Sanitize your Home


If friend have found maggots around, it"s likely you have uncovered the source of why they room there. Decomposing food and filth room the key reasons you"d discover maggot infestations in the home so you need to discover that filth resource and throw it out and then carry out a thoroughly sanitation.

The key area to focus on is typically the kitchen because this is typically where food deserve to spoil and also trash deserve to pile up, i m sorry is whereby flies and maggots will certainly gather. Clean her tabletops and also counters, mop her floors, eliminate any moisture sources, toss out any kind of old food and also take out the trash. This is most essential of every the steps due to the fact that no quantity of pesticide products will obtain the project done if your kitchen is no sanitized.

For maggots you have actually noticed in your garage or basement, sweep and mop the area well and remove any type of decaying filth and also toss immediately in a sealed rubbish bin with a tight-fitting lid external of the home. If the maggot problem is primarily outdoors, clean increase the areas where you have seen paris such as roughly spoiled dog food, reduce food, pet feces and also other such filth.

Step 2: apply Flex 10-10 and also Martin"s IG Regulator


Once your residence is sanitized, you should treat the maggots with a mix of a artificial pyrethroid product referred to as Flex 10-10 and Martin"s IG Regulator. Flex 10-10 is a expert grade fluid insecticide labeling to law flies and many an ext pests if Martin"s IG Regulator is an insect growth regulator the disturbs the life bike of flies and maggots by hindering the advance of eggs, larvae and adults. This mix will death maggots immediately and also make that so paris can"t reproduce.

Both Flex 10-10 and also Martin"s IG Regulator have the right to be supplied indoors and outdoors and can be combined together in a handpump sprayer because that localized applications. For Flex 10-10, use 6.4 fl. Oz. Every 1 gallon the water. Because that Martin"s IGR, use 1 oz. Every gallon the water. A solution made with Flex 10-10 and also Martin"s IG Regulator can treat approximately 1,500 sq. Ft.

To usage a pump sprayer, to fill the sprayer halfway through water and also then include the ideal amount that Flex 10-10 based on square clip of your therapy area. Fill v the remaining fifty percent gallon the water, close the sprayer lid and shake to mix the solution. Once well mixed, add the suitable amount of Martin"s IG Regulator and agitate once more. Pump your sprayer a few times come product a low-pressure spray and also you are all set to apply.

When spraying for maggots indoors, emphasis treatments roughly fly relaxing spots and also entry points. This has doors, windows, along windowsills and also on surfaces around the garbage can.For out maggot control, spray ornamental plants, soil or mulchbeds where you have actually seen paris and/or maggot activity. You should also spray fly resting spots around doors, windows, trees and trashcans.

Step 3: apply Pyrid Aerosol


To death maggots or flies uncovered in tighter spaces or structure voids, we recommend making use of Pyrid Aerosol. Pyrid is an pyrethrum insecticide that is labeled to kill flies and also comes with a straw applicator pointer for crack and also crevice treatment. Pyrid walk not have actually a residual and is used instead to directly spray pests, delivering a quick and lethal knockdown.

To usage Pyrid Aerosol, connect the straw applicator reminder to the Pyrid nozzle and also apply to provided tight spaces and crevices. Friend could additionally use Pyrid Aerosol without the nozzle to treat open locations as a an are spray together as over trash cans.

Step 4: screen Fly activity with professional 1x2 Fly irradiate Fly Trap


To monitor fly activity around the home to prevent them laying eggs and also forming a brand-new generation of maggots, install the Solutions expert 1x2 Fly light Fly Trap. When powered on, flies will certainly be lured by the UV irradiate from the trap and also get stuck on the glueboards.

The experienced 1x2 fly Light trap is really easy come install. Mountain the catch on a wall in an area of high fly task such as a porch area, garage, or patio and also plug it into an outlet and it will trap flies right away.



After you have actually treated and got rid of Maggots from your property, they might come ago if you have actually not imposed preventative procedures to save them away. Together we mentioned before, Maggots only show up when there are no appropriate hygiene standards maintained in an, be it at home in the kitchen, in a garage, a yard, or at a restaurant. Execute the following on a continuous basis to stop future encounters through Maggots.

Clean all her tabletops and also kitchen counters.

Mop all the floors through an antibacterial cleaner.

Seal all her food in airtight containers.

Seal her garbage bags and also cans properly to ensure nothing each other or come inside.

Seal every cracks and also crevices v caulk to border fly points of entry

Finally, do followup applications that Flex 10-10 monthly and also Martin"s IG Regulator every 6 months to save Maggots and flies away every year round.

Key Takeaways

What are Maggots?

Maggots room the larvae phase of flies and also are cream-colored wiggly worms through an insatiable appetite. Maggots often invade kitchens and also yards as soon as there is rotting food or decomposing trash around. Flies check out these areas as a perfect reproduction ground come lay their eggs.

How To eliminate Maggots From her Yard

Remove or clean up the filth source in your yard to greatly reduce maggot and fly activity.Mix a mix of Flex 10-10 Insecticide and Martin"s IG Regulator in ~ a price of 1 finished gallon per 1,500 sq. Ft. To your yard to spray top top flies and also maggots.Spray ornamental plants, bushes, mulch beds, and also anywhere else you have actually seen fly and/or maggot activity. You should also spray typical locations where flies land or wherein maggots are gathered together as approximately doors, fencing windows, trees and garbage cans.

How To get rid of Maggots In your Home, Kitchen, Garage, etc.

It is crucial to command a thoroughly cleanup that your home interior to remove the breeding source and discourage flies and also maggots native arriving.Apply the Flex 10-10 and also Martin"s IG Regulator combined solution in areas of your residence to death both paris maggots and also flies, placing a halt to the infestation.Install theProfessional 1x2 paris Light trap to lure and capture invading flies to protect against their egg-laying.Use Pyrid Aerosol to directly kill spotted flies and maggots one of two people in open areas or hiding in cracks and also crevices.

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Preventing Maggot Reinfestation

Maintain a consistent cleaning regime of your home and yard. Clean up and throw far rotting food, trash and pet feces.Seal as plenty of entry points as feasible with caulk come limit methods flies can obtain indoors come breed and lay maggot eggs.Make preventative applications of Flex 10-10 and also Martin"s IG Regulator at the very least every 3 months for ongoing protection versus maggot infestations and fly invasions.