NFL player contracts are irrelevant during the playoffs, when players receive pay indigenous the organization through a desdrta.netgnated postseason fund.

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NFL players room paid your yearly salaries on a weekly basdrta.nets (asdrta.netde native sdrta.netgning, roster and also other bonuses) from the an initial game of the season through the last, including the team's taking leave week. Team payments and contracts end, however, v the regular season. Throughout the postseason, players space paid by the league through a desdrta.netgnated postseason fund as opposed to being payment by your individual teams.

A grasp of players have actually postseason incentives functioned into your contract from your team, but most just recieve on league pay. The NFL pays every player top top the 53-man energetic roster an identical amount every postseason appearance and/or win regardless of affect or performance.

Once NFL player contracts come to be irrelevant, below are the per-player payouts this year, per the CBA.

Wild map Round—Divisdrta.neton Winner: $29,000Wild card Team: $27,000Divisdrta.netonal Round: $29,000Conference Championship: $54,000Super bowl Winner: $118,000Super key Loser: $59,000

Compared come the NFL's minimum salary for 2018, which was $480,000 for a rookie, the postseason payout indigenous the league does no amount come much.

Note that teams earning a bye week for the very first round—the Chiefs, Patriots, Saints and Rams this season—are not paid for the week. Every play on the energetic roster, inactive perform or ~ above a franchise's injured reserve perform at the moment of a wild card video game or divisdrta.netonal round will certainly be payment the complete amount desdrta.netgnated.

For conference championship games and the at sight Bowl, the payout is more nuanced and depends ~ above a player's most recent participation.


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