physical Geography and also Power in old Rome

Students use a physical map the the Roman empire to investigate exactly how physical geography contributed to economic and also military strength in old Rome.

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1. Have actually students complete an anticipation guide and also then present the activity.

Distribute a copy the the Anticipation guide worksheet to every student. Have them work individually to complete it. Next, together a entirety class, brainstorm the impact of regional physical and also human geography on students’ lives and communities. For example, college student could talk about how your close proximity come the ocean permits jobs for oceanographers, fishermen, and other water-oriented workers. Catch all ideas on the board. Then define to college student that, in this activity, they will investigate how physical and also human location in ancient Rome impacted Roman society.


2. Have students comment on geographic functions that can strengthen an ancient society.

Ask: What is an ancient society? students will recognize that in a basic sense ancient is a synonym for old. Explain to students that, in human being history, one ancient society is one that existed no later on than the classic end that the Roman realm (CE 476). Next, write the following meanings of economic and military strength on the board:

Economic strength is the volume to influence other world or societies through trade, buying, or selling.Military power is the capacity to use force or the hazard of pressure to influence other people or societies.

Distribute a copy of the physics Geography and also Power worksheet to each student. Ask student to finish column 2 by writing their ideas about how each function of physical geography can strengthen an ancient society’s financial or military power. Then, talk about students’ ideas as a class.


3. Have actually students determine these functions on a map of the roman Empire.

Project the noted map the the Roman empire on the board. Use the map legend to review and also discuss the spread out of the Roman empire over time. Then division students into pairs and also distribute a copy of the map to each pair. Asking them come circle and also discuss the particular physical geographic attributes on the map that they think may have contributed to the strength of old Rome. Ask student to create their principles in obelisk 3. Regroup together a class and invite volunteer to come as much as the board and also circle every one of the specific geographic features they think may have added to the strength of the roman inn Empire. Together needed, remind students that the perform on the board of just how physical and human geography can influence citizens’ lives and also communities.


4. Have actually students check their understanding.

Read aloud the activity background info to students. As you read, ask students to compare the info to what they wrote in shaft 3. Ask:

Were there any ways a feature could strengthen a society’s economic or army power the you didn’t think of? Explain. Is there anything about the physical geography of ancient Rome the you think may have actually been a hazard to the roman inn Empire’s power?

5. Have actually students comment on these same features to recognize if each would certainly strengthen a society’s economic and also military power today.

Ask college student to take into consideration if these same functions would combine a society’s economic and military strength today. Have actually them finish column 4. Then, together a whole class, comment on students’ answers. Usage prompts to guide students to include specific examples and justifications for your reasoning. Because that example, ask:

Today, are hills or water sufficient obstacles to defend citizens and also armies indigenous harm? Explain. (No. Drones and other weapons do not count on ground and water transport. And also today, weather would not be an obstacle to invasion the means it remained in the past.)Today, does proximity come a port analyze into financial power? Explain.

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(No. This day we have actually air transport, which is both faster and also cheaper.)

Informal Assessment

Have college student revisit your Anticipation Guide. Ask: What did friend learn? have your answers come these concerns changed? Why or why not? collection students’ completed physical Geography and also Power in old Rome worksheets and use the listed answer vital to check their understanding and also progress toward the finding out objectives.

Extending the Learning

Compare the map of ancient Rome come a existing physical map utilizing the National geographic MapMaker Interactive. Look at whereby the political borders are drawn on the present map. Have students to compare these political boundaries to the physical attributes in the area. Ask: Do any physical features determine political boundaries? If so, which? Where perform physical features NOT determine political boundaries? Why carry out you think physical functions determine political boundaries in some areas and not in others?