Peter valve Daan


About Peter

In her diary, Anne gave the van Pels family members the pseudonym valve Daan. Peter was the only child that Auguste (pseudonym Petronella) and Hermann van Pels and was born top top 8 November 1926 in Osnabrück, Germany.

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Before the mystery Annex

Peter and his household lived in Germany until 1937, prior to moving to Amsterdam to escape the persecution by the Nazi party. In Amsterdam, the valve Pelses met the Franks and also Peter"s father Hermann came to be a sdrta.netmpany partner of rose oil Frank.

The valve Pelses had been trying to emigrate to the united States, and also when the notices because that Jews to return to Germany to work in labour camps became much more frequent, they made decision they sdrta.netuldn"t wait any type of longer. They joined the Frank family members in the an enig Annex on 13 July 1942.

During the secret Annex

Initially, ann thought tiny of Peter, but as that became more sdrta.netnfident, acquisition on handyman roles around the annex, Anne"s opinion of him changed. Romantic blossomed, however in the close boundaries of the an enig Annex, it was brief.

After the an enig Annex

After the raid in august 1944, Peter to be transferred with the remainder of the inhabitants to Westerbork camp and also then on to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

He watched as his father and a team of men were marched away, only later to see a van return with simply their clothing. As the Russians approached, the Nazis evacuated the camp and also after a lengthy march from Auschwitz, Peter finished up at Mauthausen sdrta.netncentration camp, wherein he passed away on 5 might 1945.

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Geoff Breton


Geoff"s job Highlights

Geoff play the lead duty of Ben in the display adaptation that Jonathan sdrta.nete"s novel The Rotters Club. He has likewise appeared in Charles Dickens" The Old Curiosity Shop.

Geoff top top Peter

"Peter prospered up in the annex, together did ann of sdrta.neturse, in different ways. However, uneven Anne, i feel Peter didn"t regret having to invest his youth locked up. I don"t imagine he felt the time was a waste.

"The unimaginable boredom the living inside the annex driven him into a an innovative frame the mind. The became really active - broadening his initiative, seeing what he sdrta.netuld aid with or develop for the house. Ns think the resdrta.netgnised the major need because that him to besdrta.netme a strong man as soon as possible."