Mesopotamia is a region of southwest Asia in the Tigris and Euphrates river system that benefitted from the area’s climate and geography to hold the starts of person civilization. Its background is marked by numerous important developments that readjusted the world, including the principle of time, math, the wheel, sailboats, maps and writing. Mesopotamia is also defined by a transforming succession of judgment bodies from various areas and also cities that seized manage over a duration of hundreds of years.

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Where is Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia is situated in the region now known as the center East, which contains parts of southwest Asia and lands about the east Mediterranean Sea. It is part of the abundant Crescent, one area likewise known as “Cradle the Civilization” because that the number of innovations that emerged from the early on societies in this region, i beg your pardon are amongst some of the earliest known human worlds on earth.

The native “mesopotamia” is created from the old words “meso,” definition between or in the center of, and “potamos,” an interpretation river. Situated in the abundant valleys in between the Tigris and also Euphrates rivers, the an ar is now residence to contemporary Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey and Syria.


Map of Mesopotamia.  Shown room Washukanni, Nineveh, Hatra, Assur, Nuzi, Palmyra, Mari, Sippar, Babylon, Kish, Nippur, Isin, Lagash, Uruk, Charax Spasinu and Ur, from north to south.

Goran tek-en/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Mesopotamian Civilization

Humans an initial settled in Mesopotamia in the Paleolithic era. By 14,000 B.C., people in the an ar lived in tiny settlements with circular houses.

Five thousand year later, these residences formed farming communities following the domestication of animals and also the development of agriculture, many notably irrigation techniques the took benefit of the proximity of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Agricultural progression was the work of the dominant Ubaid culture, i beg your pardon had absorbed the Halaf society before it.

Ancient Mesopotamia

These scattered agrarian neighborhoods started in the northern part of the ancient Mesopotamian region and spread south, proceeding to flourish for numerous thousand year until creating what modern humans would identify as cities, which were thought about the occupational of the Sumer people.

Uruk to be the first of these cities, dating back to about 3200 B.C. It was a mud brick metropolis built on the riches brought from trade and conquest and featured publicly art, huge columns and temples. At its peak, it had actually a populace of some 50,000 citizens.

Sumerians are additionally responsible because that the earliest form of written language, cuneiform, v which they kept comprehensive clerical records.

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Other old people made pottery by hand, yet the Sumerians were the very first to develop the turning wheel, a machine which permitted them come mass-produce it. That enabled them to churn out large numbers of items such together containers for workers’ rations, sort of the old forerunner the Tupperware.

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The Sumerians were making use of written communication by 2800 B.C. They didn’t collection out come write great literature or record their, yet rather to keep track that the items that they were making and selling.They go that through a device of pictographs, which essentially were illustrations of various objects. Eventually, they started to integrate pictographs come express ideas and actions. The pictographs progressed into symbols that stood for words and sounds.

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The Sumerians established how to collect and also channel the overflow that the Tigris and Euphrates rivers—and the rich silt the it contained—and then usage it come water and also fertilize their farm fields. They designed complex systems that canals, with dams built of reeds, palm trunks and also mud whose gates could be opened up or close up door to control the circulation of water.

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The Sumerians didn’t create wheeled vehicles, but they probably arisen the first two-wheeled chariot in which a driver drive a team the animals, write Richard W. Bulliet in The Wheel: Inventions and also Reinventions. Goodman states that there’s evidence the Sumerians had such carts for transport in the 3000s B.C., however they were most likely used for ceremonies or by the military, fairly than together a means to get approximately the countryside, whereby the turbulent terrain would have actually made wheeled take trip difficult.

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TheSumerians created this an essential technology in farming. They even created a hands-on that provided farmers thorough instructions on just how to use various species of plows. And also they mentioned the prayer that have to be recited to pay homage come Ninkilim, the goddess of field rodents, in bespeak to protect the grain from gift eaten.

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Sumerians were the first togather wool to be woven into fabric for apparel on an commercial scale.Sumerians were the first to overcome kin currently and type larger working establishments for make textiles—the predecessors of modern-day manufacturing companies.

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To comprise for a shortage that stones and timber for structure houses and also temples, the Sumerians developed molds because that making bricks out of clay. Their buildings might not have actually been as resilient as stone ones, yet they to be able to build an ext of them, and create larger cities.

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The Sumerians were some of the earliest people to usage copper to make valuable items, varying from spearheads to chisels and razors, follow to the Copper advance Association. They additionally made art v copper, including dramatic panels showing fantastical pets such together an eagle with a lion’s head.

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Primitive people counted using basic methods, such as putting notches ~ above bones, yet it was the Sumerians who arisen a formal numbering system based on units of 60. In ~ first, they used reeds to store track that the units, but eventually, v the breakthrough of cuneiform, they supplied vertical point out on the clay tablets. Your system assisted lay the groundwork for the math calculations of worlds that followed.

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