Hi this may be a stupid question and/or everyone currently knows the answer however anyway, right here goes....In chapter 6 of The Hobbit (Out that the frying pan right into the fire) Bilbo decides no to phone call the dwarves and also Gandalf around finding the ring (""not just now" the thought").Then, in chapter 8 (Flies and spiders), after saving the Dwarves native the spiders Bilbo describes "the totality vanishing business" come the Dwarves - "the Gollum story, riddles and all...with the ring in its proper place"But then, in thing 1 that The mr of the rings (A long expected party) Frodo states to Gandalf - " I have heard his stoy: exactly how he discovered it, and also how he provided it top top his journey, i mean".And Gandalf replies "which story, ns wonder"And then Frodo claims "oh, no what the told the Dwarves and also put in his book - that told me the true story".And later on in thing 2 (The shadow of the past) Gandalf states " i heard Bilbos strange story of exactly how he had actually "won" it, and also I might not think it".So my inquiry is - exactly how did Bilbo acquire the ring? and if the story in The Hobbit is the true story - what is this other story that Frodo and also Gandalf space talking about?You"re probably all rolling your eyes in ~ this stage yet please - pardon my ignorance and also put me the end of mine misery

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Within the story, Bilbo told more than one version around how he obtained the Ring. First, together you note, he stated nothing whatsoever when he sneaked past Balin invisibly, with the Ring on, and appeared prior to Gandalf and the startled Dwarves in the tiny dell. Later, after your escape from the spiders and also their first encounters v the Elves in Mirkwood, he told them around the Ring, yet he reportedly told them that he had in fact uncovered the Ring top top the floor the the passages, the Gollum had meant to give him the Ring together a gift, and also that once Gollum might not guess: v what was in his “pocketses”, he willingly proved Bilbo the means out the the secret labyrinth. He explained the Riddle-game, however not Gollum’s attempts to death him, no one his complying with Gollum through the Ring on and also jumping over his head to escape. Later, in The mr of the Rings, that told Frodo before he left Hobbiton what had actually really transpired: that he found the Ring top top the floor of among the passages, that it had “accidentally” slipped onto his finger, and that he just escaped indigenous Gollum v his life. The had also told Gandalf by this point; yet not, it would seem, without telling the magician at the very least one other version of the story, if not an ext than one. Bilbo’s uncharacteristic lying around a seemingly for this reason trivial occasion was what first attracted Gandalf’s attention: “Clearly the ring had an unwholesome power that set to work-related on its keeper at once,” that told Frodo. At the the supervisory board of Elrond, Bilbo publicly apologized come his old girlfriend Glóin for having actually told that another, less than totally forthright version of events; however of course, he no longer had actually the Ring in his maintaining by the then, and also it was Frodo that was wake up to tell all that had transpired.In the genuine world, Tolkien actually wrote 2 versions. Once The Hobbit was an initial published, he presented the version that Bilbo very first told. After ~ the publication of The Fellowship of the Ring, he published a 2nd version the The Hobbit v the “corrected” informing of the Riddle-game. The 2 versions show up in The Annotated Hobbit, which is intended to give readers the Tolkien more background ~ above the story and its development. In the thread “Riddle or Question?”, begun by Ancalagon, Greenwood provides an on-line attach to the two versions.

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(The connect is tho extant: I just checked it. This sort of connect tends to vanish, however.) Hope that helps.Welcome to TTF!