It"s an amusing story, yet the art rock tape 10cc was not named for the quantity of semen in the mean male ejaculation.

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Published14 February 2000

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The band 10cc to be so named because the term to represent the lot of semen in an average male ejaculation (or a little bit more).


It’s no an enig that plenty of modern-day day absent bands have names with sex-related connotations, however inventing comparable explanations for the surname of older bands has become a favourite pastime.

So that is with the English art rock tape 10cc, that allegedly chose their name together a sly hoax indicating that they were simply a small bit much better than the average male (whose ejaculation supposedly consists of 9cc of semen):

Mythology has it the the name 10cc come from the average male ejaculation gift 9cc, and, the course, being big, butch, Mancunian guys, we’re gonna be, y’know, 1cc an ext than that.

Not so, claims Jonathan King, that signed the team to UK Records and came up through their name:

I had actually to provide them a name … because I’d signed the record, and also I checked out sleep that night and had this dream that a tape of mine ~ above my brand made number one ~ above the album and singles charts concurrently in America, and also the tape was 10cc. For this reason I gave them the name the following morning. Everybody then decided that this was reportedly meant to it is in the lot of an average male ejaculation. Which was absolutely much from the fact … yes sir a most apocryphal stories about names, and unfortunately, many of them are much more amusing than the ugly reality, i beg your pardon in this case is that the name involved me in a dream …”

Band member Eric Stewart said basically the very same thing in a 1995 BBC interview:

Mythology has it the the surname 10cc come from the average male ejaculation gift 9cc, and, of course, being big, butch, Mancunian guys, we’re gonna be, y’know, 1cc more than that. No, the name actually did come from Jonathan King. Um, he said he’d had actually a dream the night before he came as much as Manchester to hear to Donna. And, he saw a hoarding over Wembley stadium or Hammersmith Odeon or something favor that and also said, “10cc The finest Group in the World”. So we … well, the sounds good to us, we’ll speak to ourselves 10cc. And also that’s just how it came about.

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The “dream” story was likewise reported in Rolling Stone in 1973, simply one year after ~ the tape took your name:

“Well, did offer us ours name,” guitarist Lol Creme admitted in a Manchester pub. “He declared it came to him in a dream three times for this reason it had actually to have actually some significance.”

Interestingly, that same Rolling Stone consisted of the following numerical tidbit generally cited together a basis of the rumor:

“9 C.C.,” defined bassist Graham Gouldman, “is the typical ejaculation.”

If the surname had been deliberately chosen for the factors cited, that would have been a misnomer: The mean male ejaculation actually includes only around 3-4 cc that semen.