Use this calculator to transform square mile (mi²) come square feet (ft²) and also square feet come square miles. This converter is part of the complete area converter tool.

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Square miles Square Feet
1 square mile27878400 square feet
2 square miles55756800 square feet
3 square miles83635200 square feet
4 square miles111513600 square feet
5 square miles139392000 square feet
6 square miles167270400 square feet
7 square miles195148800 square feet
8 square miles223027200 square feet
9 square miles250905600 square feet
10 square miles278784000 square feet
11 square miles306662400 square feet
12 square miles334540800 square feet
13 square miles362419200 square feet
14 square miles390297600 square feet
15 square miles418176000 square feet
16 square miles446054400 square feet
17 square miles473932800 square feet
18 square miles501811200 square feet
19 square miles529689600 square feet
20 square miles557568000 square feet
Figures rounded come a maximum of 5 decimal areas (7 with smaller numbers).


How numerous square feet space there in 1 square mile?

There are 27878400 square feet in 1 square mile. To transform from square mile to square feet, main point your figure by 27878400 .

What is a square foot?

The square foot is provided as a kind of measurement in ~ Canada and the unified States. It deserve to be adopted to describe the quantity of floor space (for real estate) or the overall size of one exterior property. Architects will also refer to square feet as soon as designing new buildings. One square foot is a little smaller than an average-sized piece of A4 printer paper. One square foot have the right to be translated to 0.092 square metres. Sometimes, the force of the contemporary hydraulic press is measured in pounds per square customs or square foot.

What is a square mile?

Used in ~ the united States and also many various other parts that the world, the square mile is one of the most common forms of measure the area that land. It is characterized as a square whose sides are each tantamount to one mile in length. One square mile is the exact same size together 2.59 square kilometers. There are 640 acres uncovered within one square mile. One acre is rather approximated come the size of a football pitch. Aerial mapping, satellite imagery and worldwide positioning solution will often employ square miles.

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