what’s it like to Live in just over 200 square feet? exactly how to layout a 12’ x 19’ new York City Studio Apartment.

What’s it prefer to live in just over 200 square feet?

When all the rooms in your home are in one space, what provides it every work?

How can you do living in 12’ x 18’ total, feel prefer you have actually elbow room for days?

Living without interior walls in a tiny space doesn’t need to mean sacrificing style or functionality.

Studio apartments deserve to be extremely efficient, insanity practical and truly beautiful.

Let me show you how.

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The customer Brief

The woman who resides in this small new York City studio apartment is a young professional working together an art the person who lives for a little independent gallery.

She works long hrs for her job and also the studio was greatly a location to crash in ~ the end of a long day.

That is until last year...

Just choose so countless others, she’s uncovered herself functioning from home most days and spending weekends inside together well.

Since then, she decided that it to be time to reevaluate her room and do it feel much more homey. So, no an ext crash pad. It to be time to do it work for the lengthy haul.

It’s an all-in-one space, which way the only walled in area is the bathroom. Here’s the floorplan.


The very first thing she want to perform was to make the various spaces feeling defined.

She no a fan of room dividers or putting floor shelves approximately contain the different locations because she had that as soon as she very first moved 5 year ago, and also she felt favor it do the room feel smaller; there is precise 224 square feet the floor space.

The 2nd most necessary thing to be she necessary storage space. She keeps all her clothes at the apartment because that every season,

and she’s also an avid music fan and she has a pretty huge collection of vinyl records however doesn’t want them out acquisition up space.

She’s loves to store her room minimal and uncluttered and that is very important to her.


As always, the first place to start laying out a an are is to identify the pathways in and through.

This is miscellaneous I emphasis on because that every design I do and also it is imperative to acquire this believed out in the beginning.

It’s not complicated to do this. You just need to recognize how you navigate any room.


Luckily, the key stops on the pathways for this space are top top the exact same side of the room.

You need to understand where you’ll walk in the space everyday and also then you plan your furniture placement so as no to not to impede those pathways.

When you enter the apartment, yes sir a tiny – all objective – closet on the left.

Right previous that is the kitchenette it is tucked into the wall surface with a small built-in island that has actually an under counter mini frig and also a couple of extra drawers.

The island’s countertop hangs end on the other side, perfect because that a pair of stools.

Right past that is the door come the bathroom.

The arrows show the many used and necessary area, and that means nothing should be in the way.

You don’t desire to side-step noþeles to gain through.

The island is fixed and also that is unavoidable, however all other furniture placement deserve to be adjusted.


This way there are 3 key zones:

the bedroom zone with the closet. This will serve as the space to sleep and also dress.

The kitchen space is zone 2, meal prep, dishes, eating and the bathtub – i beg your pardon is a separate an are – is also included in this zone because it share a website traffic pathway v this space.

The remaining space is the living area.

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Mapping the end an area choose this helps to visualize how to use various areas.


It literally mirrors a map that the space and lets you see parameters.

Take the life room area for example:

Just by mapping the out, you can conveniently see that there is a long wall surface but, the broad of the room is really narrow.

That an interpretation will show you that there will be restrictions on the form and lot of furniture in the space.

You’re most likely not walking to acquire a sectional sofa in the space or a pair of huge chairs and also a sofa.

So, also though you may not have the exact furniture planned the end at this point, you watch a intuitive map of what’s possible.

Zone 1: Bedroom

The apartment has two mirrored bump-in’s on one of two people side.

The an initial one is in the bedroom area.

My client likes she bed in this space, and she simply really wanted a way to make it feel cozy, and also somewhat separated from the other areas.

I uncovered this peel and stick removeable wallpaper v a subtle chevron timber pattern.