The Mississippi map turtle is a popular and also entertaining varieties that numerous herp-lovers room interested in. Through their propensity to be active in the water, these turtles are a lot of fun come spectate.

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But there are some things you need to know prior to you to buy one.

Even despite caring for these turtle is a relatively simple process, the truth that they require a tank setup v both land and water have the right to complicate points initially. Your habitat demands to be done ideal if you want them come thrive.

This overview will cover whatever you must know about Mississippi map turtle care. You’ll learn around their appropriate tank setup, diet, lifespan, and also more!

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Species Summary

The Mississippi map turtle (Graptemys pseudogeographica kohnii) is one easy-going reptile that’s a happiness to watch. They room aquatic tortoise that invest a the majority of time swimming. Once they’re no doing that, you have the right to often uncover them basking in the warm of some light.

These turtles space naturally discovered throughout the Mississippi Valley, hence their namesake. However, they’re not just found in the state of Mississippi. They live in lakes and also streams as far North as Nebraska!

One the the smaller sized aquatic turtle types out there, this creatures don’t require huge habitats come thrive. As lengthy it has all of the essentials, these turtles do just fine in a usual environment.

Mississippi Map tortoise Lifespan

The mean lifespan of a Mississippi map turtle is somewhere between 15 and 25 years once living in optimal conditions. Some specimens have even been report to surpass 30 years of age!

This way if you setup on caring for a Mississippi map turtle, you should be committed to the lengthy haul!

Expert Tip: of course, there’s no guarantee when it involves life expectancy. Prefer all pets, Mississippi map turtles room directly affected by their diet, environment, and also overall care. Substandard care could cause stress and also disease, which at some point reduces your lifespan.

Appearance & Colors

Mississippi map turtles space beautiful creatures. They’re aptly called after the unique pattern on your carapace, or shell. The carapace is covered in distinct lines. They resemble the look and feel of contour markings ~ above a map.


However, lock can become problematic if the parasites overpopulate. You have the right to keep this difficulty in check with regular fecal examinations through a vet.

Infections can occur, too. This is usually a product of a poorly-maintained tank. Your turtle can experience skin, shell, and ear infections. Luckily, vets deserve to treat infections easily with antibiotics.

As we stated earlier, turtles deserve to experience bone and also shell troubles if lock don’t have actually exposure to UVB rays. Once this occurs, turtles have the right to suffer from metabolic bone an illness and deformities. To stop this, you’ll must ensure that your UVB desk lamp is in an excellent working condition.

You deserve to also administer supplements to ensure the your turtle is getting enough calcium (this is generally done v a powder).

Behavior & Temperament

Mississippi map turtles are really easy-going. Girlfriend can also keep multiple turtles in the very same tank if you have actually the room!

Some slim aggression may come up between males, however it’s generally nothing to problem about. Simply keep a watchful eye and also remove the aggressor if any major problems popular music up.

Throughout the day, your turtle will alternating between the water and land sections of the tank. You might see the turtle experimenting or hiding out in the vegetation.

They often tend to be more active in the water. The floor is usually scheduled for basking.

Mississippi map turtles are recognized for being a little bit skittish. Lock don’t choose loud noises or suddenly surprises.

Don’t it is in surprised if your turtle makes a operation for it as soon as you open the tank lid!

Handling Them

Because they room so skittish, Mississippi map turtle shouldn’t be tackled often. They space the perfect pet because that viewing, but not holding.

Handling the turtle too much could cause unnecessary stress.

If friend do need to hold your turtle, do so briefly. Keep dealing with to a minimum and be as slow as possible.

Slowly and also gently lift the covering from both sides making use of your hands. The turtle will likely enter their covering or thrash approximately a little in protest.

Place lock in a separate container conveniently if you plan on cleaning or editing the tank. Don’t let the turtle hang the end unattended, and try to limit any kind of extra interactions.

Now You’re all set To Go!

Now that you’re familiar with the fundamentals of Mississippi map turtle care, you’re prepared to acquire one because that yourself.

These turtle are incredibly fun come own. Out of all the species we’ve been around, these are the people we’ve invested the most time watching.

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If you have any kind of lingering questions about how to acquire their habitat up and also running (or anything else), feel cost-free to contact us through our call page. We understand that a treatment sheet can’t cover everything, and are much more than happy to help.