Pit Bulls room amazing and also cute dogs. If you space anowner or plan to gain one in the future, an important thing to recognize is how bigyour dog have the right to potentially get. Substantial dogs might not fit well in tiny spaces,and little ones might not accomplish you together well.

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How big do Pit Bulls get? There several types of Pit Bulls, all of which space medium-sized. We must analyze each type of Pit Bulls individually to recognize how big they get. The American Pit Bull Terrier, for example, grow up to in between 17 to 21 inches and also around 30 come 60 pounds in load when completely grown.

Whether she seeking this information to know moreabout your pet or just for curiosity, I’ve obtained all the details friend need! i willalso include the data because that Pit Bull mixes in this article.

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1. The mean Size the Different varieties of Pit Bulls
1.1. American Pit Bull Terrier
1.2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
1.3. American Staffordshire Terrier
1.4. Bull Terrier
1.5. American Bulldog
1.6. American Bully
2. How large Do Pit Bull Mixes Get?
2.1. Pitsky
2.2. Shepherd Pitt
2.3. Labrabull
2.4. Dober Pit
2.5. Pitweiler
2.6. Chi Staffy
3. My last Thoughts
4. Recommendations & Citations

The median Size the Different varieties of Pit Bulls

Although every Pit Bulls re-publishing a many of common characteristics, each breed grows differently. Therefore, as adults, castle will present slightly different heights when fully grown.

The complying with table mirrors the median wither heights for the six most usual Pit Bull breeds when totally grown.

American Pit Bull Terrier18 come 21 inches(45 come 53 cm)17 to 20 inches(43 to 50 cm)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier14 to 16 inches(36 come 41 cm)14 come 16 inches(36 to 41 cm)
American Staffordshire Terrier18 to 19 inches(46 to 48 cm)17 come 18 inches(43 to 48 cm)
Bull Terrier18 to 22 inches(46 come 56 cm)18 to 22 inches(46 come 56 cm)
American Bulldog20 to 28 inches(50 to 71 cm)20 to 24 inches(50 come 61 cm)
American Bully14 come 23 inches(36 to 58 cm)13 come 22 inches(33 to 56 cm)

The complying with table mirrors the median weights for the 6 most usual Pit Bull breeds when totally grown.

American Pit Bull Terrier35 come 60 pounds(15 to 27 kg)30 come 50 pounds(13 to 22 kg)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier28 come 38 pounds(13 come 17 kg)24 to 34 pounds(11 come 15 kg)
American Staffordshire Terrier55 come 70 pounds(25 to 32 kg)40 come 55 pounds(18 to 25 kg)
Bull Terrier55 to 65 pounds(25 come 29 kg)45 to 55 pounds(20 to 25 kg)
American Bulldog66 come 130 pounds(30 to 58 kg)60 to 90 pounds(27 to 41 kg)
American Bully66 come 88 pounds(30 come 40 kg) 66 to 88 pounds(30 come 40 kg)

Obviously, every dog is different. Therefore if your furry friend’snumbers different from the indicated above, nothing panic! There more than likely isn’tanything abnormal happening, only little genetic differences.

This is just for girlfriend to have an idea of how huge yourPit Bull will get. What mostly specifies whether your dog has any health issuesis his weight. Due to the fact that that’s no the main point of this article, it isn’t worthit to be involved now.

However, if girlfriend opt because that a Pit Bull mix, the dog’s size have the right to differ a lot from the shown above. His dimensions will certainly be significantly influenced by the various other dog’s characteristics. Due to that, it’s difficult to predict how big he will get.

The dimension of one adult mixed dog is the median of his parent’s breeds. Evaluating them is the many effective technique of predicting the dog’s size.

There space some renowned hybrids the are virtually considered breeds, so the data because that them is much more accurate. Ns going come showcase these mixes later on on.

I claimed that every breed has actually differentcharacteristics once it pertains to weight and also size. Currently I’m walk to display youthese distinctions in detail.

I’m consisting of the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, and also American Bully in ours comparison.

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier, or APBT, is a famousbreed in the unified States, well-known by 12 dog breed clubs. Yet, for unknownreasons, the American Kennel club still doesn’t accept it.

The APBT very first appeared in the mid-19th century. Thedog is a result of the crossbreeding between the now-extinct Old EnglishTerriers and Old English Bulldogs. Thanks to that, the size and weight that thisbreed are mostly inherited from this ancestors.

Male American Pit Bull Terriers generally grow increase to between 18 and also 21 inches in height and their weight arrays from 35 to 60 pounds. It’s worth noting that bigger dogs should weigh more, and vice versa, to maintain proportion.

As you currently expect, females room smaller and also lighter. Their heights once adults selection from 17 come 20 inches and weight is roughly 30 to 50 pounds.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The each other originated in the West Midlands, as a an outcome of crossbreeding The Bulldog and English White Terriers. Both Staffordshire Bull Terriers and also their ancestors space all 100% English.

Staffies, as they’re popular known, are one of the lightest Pit Bull breeds. Males normally weigh indigenous 28 to 38 pounds when completely grown, and also females’ masses space typically between 24 to 34 pounds.

Unlike various other Pit Bulls, both genders don’t present aclear distinction when it pertains to size. They’re really short, through the averageadult Staffy hitting heights native 14 to16 inches.

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terriers room medium-sized dogs with a smart, confident, and good-natured personality.

They room muscular bull-type terriers v a standing elevation of 18 to 19 inches for males and 17 come 18 inches for females.

Due to their strong muscle, they room quite heavy at this size, through an median weight of 55 to 70 pounds because that males and also 40 come 55 pounds because that females.

Bull Terrier

If friend classify dogs as introverted and also extroverted, then the Bull Terrier have to be one extrovert. They’re highly affectionate with people and also especially kids and babies, making castle a perfect family members dog.

Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog with an mean wither height of around 18 to 22 inches and also weighs 55 to 65 pounds because that males and 45 to 55 pounds for females.

American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is one more descendant of theOld English Bulldog. Nevertheless, they’re substantially bigger and heavier thanAmerican Pit Bulls.

Boys have the right to hit heights indigenous 20 approximately 28 inches and weigh indigenous 66 come 130 pounds. ~ above the various other hand, females grow between 20 come 24 inches and can with from 60 come 90 pounds the mass.

American Bully

It’s time come talk about the muscly negative boy! Thisbreed’s physics appearance is one of its most distinctive characteristics.Although generally calm, these dog are really intimidating sometimes.

There no a characterized average dimension for American Bullies. That’s because, according to the American Bully Kennel Club, they room categorized into unique varieties.

The standard and also classic Bullies are male dogs in between 17 to 21 inches and also females native 16 to 19 inches. When the elevation of these two ranges is the same, what differentiates castle is your body structure. Standards have actually bulky bodies, heavy bone structures, and also blocky heads.

On the various other hand, classics have a lighter outline.They don’t present the exaggeration curves criter do, looking much more like familiardogs.

As the surname suggests, pocket American Bullies space a bit smaller dogs. Full-grown males are between 14 to 17 inches, whereas girls reach heights native 13 come 16 inches at the withers.

The last official variation is the XL. They space the many massive and most robust American Bullies. Males fight from 20 to 23 inches as soon as adults and also females are in between 19 and also 22 inches in ~ the withers.

Some people likewise call smaller and larger dogs“Micro” and “XXL,” respectively. Still, none space officiallyrecognized by the ABKC or any kind of other kennel clubs.

All that these varieties are just about the size.The ABKC doesn’t take it mass into factor to consider to classify the dogs into thesecategories.

The traditional weight for typical adult Bullies different from 66 come 88 pounds. However, we clearly know the a healthy dog’s weight have to be proportional to his dimensions. The bigger the dog, the greater his mass, and vice-versa.

How big Do Pit Bull Mixes Get?

Things acquire a bit an ext uncertain as soon as it comes tomixes. Estimating the exact sizes and also weights the crossbred dogs deserve to be harderbecause we’re managing two distinctive breeds. Even within the same litter,it’s feasible to find puppies with an extremely unalike characteristics.

That’s since the genetic exchange is unpredictable. Let’s say you mate a little female dog v a male from a large breed.

The puppies have equal opportunities of inheriting much more characteristics from your father or mother. Therefore, just luck will certainly say whether they will certainly be huge or small.

The possibilities of blended Pit Bull breeds arenumerous. You can virtually mate any type of dog through a Pit Bull, and also something will beborn. At the finish of the day, they every belong to the very same species!

It’s feasible to uncover bizarre scenarios, choose a hybrid between Bull Terriers and Borzois.

However, i’m going to showcase come you the mixes she much more likely to deal with:

PitskyShepherd PittLabrabullDober PitPitweilerChi Staffy


The Pitsky is a an outcome of the breeding in between theAmerican Pit Bull Terrier and also Siberian or Alaskan Huskies. The an initial breed isconsidered a medium-sized one. Huskies are additionally included in this group however area little larger. Thanks to this combination, Pitskies are medium to large-sizeddogs.

Male adult Pitskies weigh in between 35 come 80 pounds and grow about 18 come 25 customs in height. On the various other hand, females’ masses selection from 30 come 70 pounds, and also their heights don’t normally surpass 22 inches.

Shepherd Pitt

Shepherd Pitts space the result of adjustment GermanShepherds and American Pit Bull Terriers. The popular of this mixed breed isdeclining early out to many bans against the APBT and also the tendency for the GermanShepherd come be wild sometimes.

The Shepherd Pitt is a medium to large dog. If theanimal inherits much more traces of the German Shepherd, it have the right to weigh as much as between80 to 90 pounds.

The mean weight that the blended breed is between 35to 80 pounds. A Shepherd Pitt generally hits in between 17 come 24 inches of heightat the withers when fully grown. As expected, females room the more compact andlighter ones, while boys stand for the highest numbers.


People offer the funny surname of Pitador or Labrabullto the mix in between the Labrador Retriever and the American Pit Bull Terrier.The dimension of the Labrador usually renders these dog large. Therefore, they’realso recognized as a medium to large-sized combined breed.

Labrabulls are amongst the most popular mixed breeds entailing Pit Bulls. That’s because the laboratory takes the an initial place of breed popularity in 3 countries: the unified States, Canada, and the unified Kingdom!

Pit Bulls are likewise the many popular form of dog inthe world. And also the American Pit Bull Terrier ranks high ~ above the list for theUnited says as well.

Labrabulls’ weight varieties from 45 to 90 pounds. Asfor size, they can thrive up to between 20 come 24 inches. Again, the dog’s massand size greatly depend on its gender.

Dober Pit

The breeding between Dobermann Pinschers andAmerican Pit Bull Terriers outcomes in another medium-large mix. Again, the APBTis the smaller sized breed. The huge size of some of these dogs is because of theDobermann’s characteristics.

The adult elevation of Dober Pits varieties from 24 to 28inches. They’re likewise pretty heavy. Your masses typically vary between 60 to 100pounds.


The Pitweiler is the crossbreed including American Pit Bull Terriers and also Rottweilers. The an outcome is another relatively big mix.

The Rottweiler is a medium-to-large and often purely regarded as a large-sized dog breed. The Pitweiler obviously has a tendency to inherit this characteristic.

It also has a an extremely muscular and robust appearance.Rottweilers and APBTs room intimidating dogs simply by themselves. I think friend canget a photo of what happens if girlfriend mate lock together!

The typical weight of a Pitweiler varieties from 45 to100 pounds. Differing from 18 to 26 inches, their elevation is additionally prettyconsiderable.

Chi Staffy

Let’s differ a bit and also hop into a hybrid including theStaffordshire Bull Terrier! If us breed this dog v a Chihuahua, we gain theChi Staffy.

This time it is the Pit Bull that will influence thedog to it is in big. That’s due to the fact that Chihuahuas are amongst the smallest dog each other inthe world. This pets generally don’t thrive much greater than 10 inches, nor weighmore 보다 6 pounds.

However, thanks to the Staffy being a medium dog,the Chi Staffy grows typically up to between 15 come 20 inches. Its massive commonlyranges from 15 come 35 pounds. Still, this is one incredibly small mixed breed.

My final Thoughts

While Pit Bulls share a lot of of typical features, eachbreed has actually its own characteristics and also dimensions. Therefore, you must lookfor distinctive information to recognize the size and weight the a specific dog. With thedata noted in this article, you’ll have a an excellent understanding of many ofthem.

What varies, even more, is the dimension of blended PitBull breeds. The hybrids I verified you today room the people you’ll greatly hearabout.

However, it’s impossible to mention all possible PitBull mixes here, unfortunately. Nevertheless, through the details I’ve givenyou, you’ll have great basis whenit concerns other hybrids.

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What friend basically have to do to uncover theaverage dimension of a mixed Pit Bull is to analyze his parental breeds individually.The resulting puppy will constantly be the median of both. The bigger the dog youmate through a Pit Bull, the bigger the an outcome will be, and vice-versa.

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