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Change the shade of your warm Wheels car with color Shifters vehiclesDunk in heat water to readjust the color-- icy water changes it back!Splash or dunk your color Shifters vehicle in water and also watch her ride readjust colors before your eyes!","shortDescription":"#-HW-HWHEELS shade SHIFTERS 1-64 VCL AST","rating":5,"promotions":<"calloutMsg":"Free Shipping once you spend $75. Shop Toys”R”Us, Babies”R”Us and also Rise little Earthling in 1 simple checkout!","details":"Offer applies to selected item for distribution by regular standard shipping only and excludes distribution to some remote locations. Up to the maximum of $20 shipping value. Any type of shipping expense over this $20 every order maximum amount will be charged to her order. Cost-free Shipping applies only to orders with qualifying merchandise better than $75 and also does not apply to gift cards. Totally free Shipping market excludes all big item items, such as; Gym sets, houses, big play sets and also bikes, all big furniture items and other choose items. sdrta.net provides "Free Shipping" on select items transparent the site. The delivery of order to particular remote places is to exclude, from these offers. In this instances, the standard distribution charge will certainly be visible throughout the checkout process. On part products, special taking care of fees may still apply. If her order contains items that room ineligible for "Free Shipping", you will be charged for those items. Add item to her shopping cart and also proceed to checkout to receive discount. While amounts last. Offer valid only while supplies last and not applicable come canceled orders because of out-of-stock merchandise. Discount not applicable with reverted merchandise; total discount will be deducted native the worth of any returned item come which the discount applied. This sell is not valid on previous purchases. This advancement offer might be modified or terminated at any type of time there is no notice. Us reserve the best to cancel any type of order because of unauthorized, altered, or ineligible usage of a discount.","enabled":true,"id":"free-shipping-spend49","name":"Free Shipping as soon as you invest $75","promotionClass":"SHIPPING","rank":40,"priority":30>,"attributes":<"ID":"Order","name":"Order Attributes","attributes":<"label":"Shipping Classification","value":<"CLASS A">>,"ID":"Bazaarvoice","name":"Bazaarvoice Attributes","attributes":<"label":"Bazaarvoice average Rating","value":<3.8>>,"ID":"AdditionalAttributes","name":"Additional Attributes","attributes":<"label":"Ship come Quebec","value":>,"ID":"TabAdditionalInfo","name":"PDP tab "Additional info"","attributes":<"label":"Brand","value":<"Mattel">,"label":"Ship to Quebec","value":>>,"custom":"ageFilter":<>,"colorFamily":,"maxOrderQuantity":5,"SKN":"76640","shipToQuebec":true,"giftWrap":false,"partOfAssortment":false,"gender":<>,"characterTheme":<>,"vendorName":"MATTEL CANADA INC","vendorNumber":"32147","ageTRU":"8 - 12 years","brandFilter":<"Hot Wheels">,"registerable":false,"videoLinks":<>,"customerDescription":"Now friend can readjust the shade of your warm Wheels dare with shade Shifters 1:64 scale vehicles! It"s basic -warm water transforms your car"s color, and icy water alters it back. Some vehicles also feature a multi-color transformation! A wide range of cool decos and colors offer something unique for every car lover. Splash or dunk your color Shifters automobile in water and watch her ride transform before your an extremely eyes! It"s like having two dare in one -you have the right to hit the road, race the track and then change color to gyeongju again.Change the color of your hot Wheels cars with shade Shifters vehiclesDunk in heat water to readjust the color-- icy water alters it back!Splash or dunk your shade Shifters car in water and watch her ride adjust colors before your eyes!","registryWarn":false,"badge":,"shipWindowMinDays":0,"shipWindowMaxDays":0,"SKN":"76640","ageTRU":"8 - 12 years","manufacturerAge":null,"homeDelivery":false,"freeInStorePickup":false,"partOfAssortment":false,"inStoreOnly":false,"shipAlone":false,"shipToHomeEligiblePrice":null,"comingsoon":null,"soldout":null,"isShipToHomeAvailable":true,"availability":"type":"instock","errorMessages":<>,"messages":<"status":"in_stock","textCart":"In Stock","text":"In Stock","message":"">,"cartMessages":<>,"inStockDate":null,"ats":5,"text":"In Stock","available":true,"availableInStores":true,"allVariantsAvailable":true,"isAvailableForInStorePickup":true,"isContactStoreError":false,"options":<>,"quantities":<"value":"1","selected":true,"url":"/en/product-variation?pid=BFD97361&quantity=1","value":"2","selected":false,"url":"/en/product-variation?pid=BFD97361&quantity=2","value":"3","selected":false,"url":"/en/product-variation?pid=BFD97361&quantity=3","value":"4","selected":false,"url":"/en/product-variation?pid=BFD97361&quantity=4","value":"5","selected":false,"url":"/en/product-variation?pid=BFD97361&quantity=5">,"sizeChartId":null,"selectedProductUrl":"/en/Hot-Wheels-Color-Shifters/BFD97361.html?quantity=undefined","readyToOrder":true,"online":true,"pageTitle":"Hot Wheels color Shifters","pageDescription":"Now friend can adjust the color of your warm Wheels dare with color Shifters 1:64 scale vehicles! It"s an easy -warm water changes your car"s color, and also icy water changes it back.

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Part vehicles even feature a multi-color transformation! A wide variety of cool decos and also colors offer something unique for every auto lover. Splash or dunk your color Shifters auto in water and also watch her ride transform prior to your very eyes! It"s like having actually two cars in one -you can hit the road, gyeongju the track and also then adjust color to gyeongju again.Change the shade of your hot Wheels car with shade Shifters vehiclesDunk in heat water to adjust the color-- icy water changes it back!Splash or dunk your color Shifters automobile in water and also watch your ride adjust colors before your eyes!","pageKeywords":"​Hot wheels, hotwheels, warm weels, color shifters, transforming shade cars, 1:64 scale cars, color changing, hot water color change, playthings boys love, great gift because that kids, finding out through play, date of birth gift because that 3 year old and also older, 076640","pageMetaTags":<,,,,,,,,,>,"template":null,"category":"Road Race","additionalInfo":"groups":<"header":"Additional Information","headerKey":"label.group.additionalinfo","data":<"attributeID":"SKN","name":"SKN","value":"76640","attributeID":"ID","name":"ID","value":"BFD97361","attributeID":"UPC","name":"UPC","value":"746775345716","attributeID":"brand","name":"Brand","value":"Mattel","attributeID":"partOfAssortment","name":"Part that Assortment","value":"No","attributeID":"manufacturerNumber","name":"MFR Number","value":"BHR15","attributeID":"shipToQuebec","name":"Ship to Quebec","value":"Yes","attributeID":"maxOrderQuantity","name":"Maximum bespeak Quantity","value":5,"attributeID":"ageTRU","name":"sdrta.net recommended Age","value":"8 - 12 years","attributeID":"registerable","name":"Registerable","value":"No","attributeID":"language","name":"Language","value":"Bilingual","name":"Gift Wrap","value":"Gift pave is not easily accessible for this item">,"header":"Assembly","headerKey":"label.group.assembly","data":<"attributeID":"itemHeight","name":"Item Height","value":"7 inches","attributeID":"itemLength","name":"Item Length","value":"5 inches","attributeID":"itemWeight","name":"Item Weight","value":"0.1 lbs","attributeID":"itemWidth","name":"Item Width","value":"1.5 inches">>,"descriptionTabs":"