The driver next floor is wet. Ns dont understand where it comes from yet it isolated to an area that is away from the pedals and basically in the section of the floor directly in former of the seat. If ns leave the mat ~ above the water collection on the bottom that the mat and fogs increase the car. The leak need to be minor because its no that wet but much more moist and damp.

The leak might be comes from the moon roof drain hose, eliminate the driver's side absent panel (Plastic cover by her left foot, under dash) to inspect the drain hose and the drain valve connection. The drainpipe hose must be connected to the drain valve.

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Attached listed below is a drawing of where the drain goes

"95 Honda Accord 148,000 milesThe carpet on the floor behind the driver"s seat is an extremely wet. Nowhere else. Window doesn"t leak. Any type of ideas?Thank you, Karyn

That can be coming in from countless different places beginning with the roof seam, rear window seal, side window seal, door seal, etc. The method you find it is to eliminate all the inside trim and look because that the stain route or sit inside while who sprays the car down.

over there is cold water that drips from somewhere under the gloves box. Once I turn I deserve to hear the water sloshing around. If ns make a tough turn it will pour out near the gas pedal. The water is cold, so i am assuming the it is some type of drain from the a/c the a hose has actually either come loosened or broken. Have the right to anyong give me any kind of hints?
There space two possibles. One - has actually it rained halfway newly or have actually you wash the car? There could be plugged drain on the air intake vent situated on the external of the car right listed below the windshield. Two - The waiting conditioner drainpipe is plugged.
The a/c drainpipe was plugged up v something. That wasn"t the water tap those. I pulled turn off the hose and it was clean. I used a straw and stuck it inside the component where the drainpipe hose connects and also sure enough the water started putting out. Currently if i can obtain my floorboard dry everything will be great to go!Thanks for your assist
96 accord has been water tested and also came out clean. Appears to have actually this difficulty after torrential rain also when parked. It has been mentioned that it could be the heater coil. Water seems to it is in brownish in color. This problem has occurred 2 times in the previous year 5-6 months apart. Any ideas and also if it is the heater coil approx what would certainly the price be come repair. Many thanks
It"s dubbed a heater core.And you have to remove the entirety dash i m sorry is over a 6hr job. The part itself isn"t as well much, so girlfriend are probably looking at approximately $600-$700 or so due to the fact that you have to flush the coolant system as well.
Is no the problem. There room drains under the windshield that acquire clogged v junk and also leave the water no ar to go. Take turn off the wipers and also the plastic cover. Girlfriend will check out the drainpipe holes. Clean them out. Difficulty solved.
ns wash that or the rains, over there is water in the floor the the passenger side. It shows up the drainpipe system is clogged up. How deserve to I gain to it and also clean it?
best upfront, I have actually not functioned on this model, however the straightforward problem usually lies in the drainpipe for the wiper transmission drain. You might be able to access from the peak by remove the cowl the covers where the wiper tranmission lies in, or might need to access it v the area behind the glove box. Maybe snapshot of the cowl would assist if you desire to try. No sure how much aid I be on this one. :| Also, prior to getting right into anything, i would usage a water tap and try to narrow down if in reality that is the leak source. It may be from a leaking windshield or other sources.
1995 Honda Accord 4 cyl automatically 193000 milesI have noticed lately that once there is a hefty rain that sometimes my carpet gain wet from underneath usally top top the drivers side would there be a reason for that?
hello playa132341, the would indicate a leak somewhere and to confirm where the leak is coming from, girlfriend would have to flip increase the carpet and do a water test v a garden water tap to find the source.
i Drive a 91 Honda Accord through a hand-operated transmission. A pair of weeks back I looked right into the back seat and there was a puddle in the back passenger side. So ns lifted the carpet pulled the plug native the middle and also drained it. However the puddle keeps coming back and there has been consistent rain. The door ingredient is all an excellent and i do not have anything water deserve to come in from. Is the leaking from inside. And also from what? I additionally heard that it can be the sunroof? yet the seals space perfect on the too.
I would certainly suspect anything and not dominion out anything. Go to a car wash and watch the water in ~ door window and sunroof. You can additionally have a partner assist out through a water tap on the outside of the car.
I simply noticed in the last week cold water leaking top top floorboard, it leaks down onto mine foot that is top top the gas pedal. Exact same thing is keep going on the passengers side yet today rather a bit of water leaked ~ above this side. I also am hear a sound indigenous the vents ~ above the passenger side, sound like record flying about in the vent. What great this be? Thank-you
hello moeyannarizona, The noise can be because of leaves, plastic or record in the blower motor compartment.The water could be condensation from the AC evaporator and also it is flooding many probably due to a clogged drain hose.
In hefty rain water beginning dripping from under the dash plank at passenger side. Over there is a small nosel native it and also goes till earlier passanger seat.
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