HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- There"s no shortage for Houston-area hauntings. We"re counting under the top five places the paranormal activity:No. 5: The Battleship Texas

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It"s a historic landmark docked in the Houston delivery Channel. In ~ number five, Battleship Texas has actually been with both human being Wars. Oh, it"s likewise full of background and ghosts.Visitors have actually reported strange noises comes from the ship"s engine room, and a redheaded sailor who passed away on the delivery still haunts the 2nd deck.No. 4: The Hotel Galvez
Another Gulf coastline haunting have the right to be knowledgeable at the Hotel Galvez. The hotel was developed in 1911, and also many to speak a ghost called Audra still haunts guests on the 5th floor.As the story goes, Audra hung it s her in the hotel bathroom after hearing the her husband passed away in a battle. Guests still report weird things like slamming the doors, bathrooms flushing on your own, and even imprints of Audra sitting on guest bed while they sleep.No. 3: The Downtown Houston LibraryAt number 3, the Downtown Houston windy library. The ghost of frank Cramer quiet roams the halls.After his death, Frank and also his dog Petey never ever left. The dog"s toenails deserve to be heard hitting the tile floors in addition to Frank playing his beloved violin ~ above the third floor.
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No. 2: The Old Jefferson Davis Hospital
It was developed on optimal of a Confederate cemetery. The tombs were never removed. Then, Jefferson Davis Hospital satellite abandoned for decades.Ghost hunters have captured paranormal activity. Others have actually heard howls and also screams comes from the old hospital that has actually now been transformed right into a residential complex.No. 1: Spaghetti WarehouseThe now-closed Houston eatery to be long notorious for paranormal activity. In 2017, the restaurant kitchen manager, louis Sanchez, said a woman ghost and other spirits had actually revealed themselves.

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Sanchez stated he could likewise hear kids laughing and also running increase the stairs after ~ hours. Sanchez said once as the was relocating a buffet table, he relocated to number of chairs out-of-the-way just to turn back and watch that those exact same chairs were stacked on peak of tables.He also showed united state a picture that he took of a party. In the left hand corner, you have the right to see what shows up to be the confront of the woman he claims who haunts the restaurant.PHOTOS: Notorious homes in Houston and also beyond