Anyone who"s ever been booked into also a county jail knows that arrest reports room a matter of public record — which is why anyone ends increase finding out which celebrities have actually done time behind bars (even if the was simply for a couple of hours).

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And while because that many civilization getting arrested is a life-changing suffer they don"t want to (or may never) repeat, sometimes getting arrested is component of daily life... Or in ~ least, it happens to someone typically enough. For prolific and also well-known rapper and producer, Snoop Dogg, aka, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., acquiring arrested is nearly a brand activity. He might not actually enjoy being in handcuffs or obtaining his prints taken, but there"s no doubt that Snoop Dogg to know a thing or two around getting arrested. 

Getting arrested is a facility matter, whether or not someone in reality committed the crime they"re fee with. Here"s how many times the rapper has actually been charged. 

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According come The Age, in 1990, in ~ the age of 19, Snoop Dogg caught a cocaine possession charge, and also a charge for allegedly gift a member that L.A. Gang the Crips. Medicine possession, particularly if you"re accused of do the efforts to market or distribute, can carry a hefty sentence, however it"s not the many intense charge Snoop Dogg has ever before faced. 

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In 1993, the rapper and also his bodyguard were every charged with an initial and second-degree murder, which stemmed native a drive-by shooting, every The Age. Yet they were acquitted the those dues in 1996, according to the Los Angeles Times. By the finish of the "90s and middle that the 2000s, Snoop Dogg would check out six much more arrests (several top top drug and also firearm possession), one implication in a rape instance (which was later dropped), and both a ban from the joined Kingdom and also a refusal of entry into Australia. He"d additionally marry his high institution sweetheart, Shante Taylor, and also father 4 children.

It looks like Snoop Dogg captured his last arrest to date in 2012, per Reuters, on a marijuana possession charge. And, regardless of his numerous run-ins with law enforcement, that is still among the most well-known and wealthiest rappers the civilization over, through an estimated net worth of $150 million. 

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