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Genre: Role-Playing, Strategy RPG Developer: Victor Publisher: Natsume, Inc. ESRB Rating: Everyone relax Date: November 22, 2000

If you fish in the sea frequently you can gain theketchup recipe. No one likes it also though it"sa recipe. Girlfriend can also catch a power berry.

While you space picking grapes at Dukes residence putone or two in her rucksack (you can put more)andtry come leave. He will say that doesn"t choose yourattitude and will say no to come the following day.You can"t occupational for the anymore. His wife feelssympothy for you and also tries to salary you. Girlfriend canchose to accept it or not.

To acquire the be safe tea leaves just complete yourrucksack through flour finish go come the harvestspriteshouse between 3:00-4:00 p.m. And talk come theorange harvestsprite and bring one item of flourand after that offer the others too.

Bring 2 tunips, 2 cucumbers, 2 potatoes, 2cabages, 2 corns, and 2 chicken eggs. Throw allthis ingredients till the Fairy goddess givesyou the Powerberry. Carry out this in any kind of day except whenit is a festival work or poor weather.

On the 3rd year the Spring, Barley will ask youfor her dog so that your dog and also his dog have the right to betogether until the 16th. Castle will have actually bredwithin that time. After that, go and see himagain ~ above the 23rd. He will certainly send you come look for aowner of the puppies. Talk to Stu and he will bethe owner the puppy and he will favor you more.

All you have to do is lug her a rucksack or twofull of flowers every day. Make sure you acquire thewhite flower in spring the is on the mountain.I gained Karen as much as red by fall and also my girlfriend gotEllies heart approximately red by spring just by doingthis, it"s additionally free.

In spring, summer, or fall bring 3 cucumber inthe mother"s hill lake and stand in the front oftwo tree and also throw the cucumber if you room in theright point out Kappa will present up and saysomething. After that throw the critical 2 Cucumberand Kappa will offer you the Mystical strength Berrythat permit work hard in merganser day. Kappa will certainly notshow increase if girlfriend don"t acquire the info.

Go come sleep with your dog top top summer 30th year 1 when you wake up up on fall first youwill still have actually your dogs, go external by the apologize tree and there will be anotherdog.(if you placed down the infant dog it will disapper)

If you want Cliff to remain wait until Fall, Dukewill come one of those days and also ask if friend willhelp him v the orchard say yes and go to thechurch if not to late and also Cliff will certainly be theretalk come him and invite that to assist with theorchard.

Go come the bar one night and Duke will be passedout. Talk to the people there and then pick upthe jug on the table and also go speak to Duke. The willsay something and also then litter up in the jar. Youautomatically take it him home and talk come Manna.This will increase your partnership with them.

This doesn"t happen on a details date yet around3 walk to your farm and enter and leave her house.Mary will certainly be there and also will give you a book.Visit the library the following day and talk come herand tell her you chosen the woodcutter. This willmake her choose you more.Note: i think you need to have a blue heart, atleast.

This is a random event but it happens on a sunnyday. Walk to the crossroad near the blacksmithwhere girlfriend turn right to the Poultry Farm. Popuriand Mary will be wait for Kai.

The date varies on this yet if you walk to thesupermarket Sasha and also Jeff are talking around howJeff won a contest and also they have to do somehing tocelebrate. Leave and also go earlier in and also they decidedto have actually a revenue to celebrate. It transforms out every ofthe villagers think they room broke and are goingout that buisness so they all go and pay ago theirtabs and now Jeff is out of debt!

I"m no sure around the date yet go come the Inn inthe beginning of second spring and Ann, herfather, Harris, May and also Barley space all standingin a circle. Lock say that food is gift stolenfrom the Inn. If you enter the back room a catwill go by right into the key room. As soon as you walk backto the key room they realize that the cat wasthe burglar.

The date varies on this one yet it is typically inthe summer in the 1st year. Sooner or later the Mayorwill come to your house and also say that he is goingto the nearby town and requirements a favor.*supposedly* he provides Ellen a piece of pieeveryday and because that is going out of city youshould execute it. End up your chores and also then go tothe Inn and ask Doug for the pie(just walk up tohim and also talk) and he will provide it to you. Go toEllen"s house and also give her the pie. She willoffer girlfriend a tip however DO no ACCEPT IT!!!!!! that isonly a couple of coins and Elli won"t it is in happy. If youdon"t accept the reminder Elli will come in and havean extra item of pie and she will provide it toyou. The next day the market will carry you apiece of cake.

If you have honey offer your hive to Louis and also hewill discover that the bees the make your honeyis the rare types that he had been looking for.The next day he"ll give thanks to you and also tell the buyerthat the honey need to be offered at a greater price.You"ll gain 60g for her honey now.

In the early on winter that the first year top top a snowyday go by Gotz"s cabin. He will be standingoutside his door. If you go previous him he shouldautomatically talk to you. But, if he doesn"ttalk to him. He will certainly say the a blizzard"sbrewing in the mountains and also for you to stay awayfor that day. If you begin to head increase Mother"sHill you will be knocked the end by the storm.Luckily, you will finish up in Gotz"s cabin. He"llstart scolding you saying, "I called you not tounderestimate the power of nature!" He"ll thenapologize saying the his household died because ofa blizzard.

If you room married to Karen one evening walk to theInn about 7pm and also Karen will be there. Ann willbe talking part sense into her...because she"sdrunk!! Ann will ask you come take she home. Youwill arrive house together and she"ll tell youshe"s felling better.

In fall on any type of day up to the 27th Gray may cometo her farm together you to walk outside. He will be madand ask you if he have the right to use your mill to make ahammer. Permit him do the hammer and also you willraise your friendship. He will weed your ar inreturn. ~ a few days he will certainly ask you come trythe hammer and it will break. Mar sees this.Then walk to the town sqare and also you"ll watch Maryand Gray fight. Gray will latter thank you.

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During winter go to the town square after 10amon a snowy day. You"ll view Cliff faint. Talk tohim and also you will certainly pick up a photo. Go to theClinic and also Cliff will certainly be lie in a bed. Thedoctor asks everyone to leave. Next time friend seeCliff return his photo to end up being betterfriends with him.