Everyone loves to have actually some funny by play some games inside the house. This is important especially throughout rainy days or winter. To have some entertainment if you are at home, many companies have produced countless different kinds of stuff that you can have fun at residence with your household members. These room inclusive that the pool table, ping pong table, and air hockey.

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Nonetheless, if you want to have actually these 3 gamings in her house, friend will should buy castle all. This not just will cost you a the majority of money, but your recreation room might not have enough room to accommodate 3 the them.

To fix this issue, countless companies released the 3-in-1 table that contains these 3 gamings together in one table. Among the famed game tables that you have the right to have would be the Harvard 3-in-1 pool, ping pong, and also air hockey table.

This table set is accessible in stylish styles. Girlfriend can transform them to 3 various kinds of tables with a an easy flip over. If you have no one to play with, you can still be able to play solo by knocking the balls around. These convertible game tables can provide you a lot of fun in your leisure time.

Having a Harvard 3-in-1 video game table is the ideal means for you and also your family members to gain playing gamings indoors. This video game table combine a versatile system into it. You have the right to play pool table ~ above one side, climate you can flip the entirety table over and also it turned right into an waiting hockey or ping pong table immediately.

Table Features

The Harvard 3-in-1 Convertible Table has a brand-new combo table design. The dimension of the table is 7 ft for every 3 games. Once you purchase this table, all the equipment and also accessories that you must play every 3 games are currently included. Therefore, girlfriend don’t should buy them separately.

With the ease of access of 3 various tables, friend can adjust from one video game to one more in seconds effortlessly. If you want to pat air powered hockey, all you have to do is eliminate the swimming pool table cloth and you have the right to play the various games appropriate away.

Specifications that The Table

Dimensions: 31″ (Height) x 84″ (Length) x 46.5″ (Width).3 video game Table Conversion: Ping Pong, wait Hockey, Billiards.All game accessories are included when to buy the table.110V Motor because that air powered hockey table.Smart space-saving design.Cushion response.Featured with protective lid doubles.Powerful pan motor.Adjustable elevation feet.General Warranty because that 90 days.


The benefit of the Harvard 3-in-1 convertible table is that this game table is versatile. It have the right to let you play ping pong, billiard, and air hockey by just flipping the table.

The tables are constructed with solid and also quality material. This makes the tables come be really durable and can last for many years.

They space not like other tables that you need to spend a lot of time assembling and change them if you want to swap games. This table is simple to assemble.

Besides, that is wonderful the you can play three various games even if you only have minimal space in your house.

It is additionally much much more affordable to buy single-game tables the consist of 3 different games instead of buying them separately.


Even despite it is a nice principle to have all the gamings incorporated into a solitary table, however, much better engineering is needed to boost the in its entirety playing experience.



The Harvard 3-in-1 is a perfect choice for home games rooms. It is also a great entertaining table to place at the youth clubs, schools or offices. By having this full-size 7ft convertible video game table, friend can obtain the ultimate play experience and having fun through your family, friends, schoolmates, and colleagues.

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If you want to keep your youngsters at home, you deserve to buy this product and also let them spend their leisure time through it. They can make it a everyday exercise because that them to store fit.