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Muriel: oh Courage, my mystery recipe for happy plums will certainly make noþeles happy! don’t they odor delicious? placed a little sour cream in each, will certainly you Courage?.Muriel: Did girlfriend eat every one of our happy plums?Courage: Uh-huh. HahahaMuriel: it is ok Courage, there’s many more. Through goodness, I have to put an ext vinegar in every my recipes!– courage the Cowardly Dog (The Tower that Dr. Zalost)

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Plums are kind of a “C” class fruit, in my opinion. They often tend to it is in outshone by other rock fruits like peaches and cherries. No many people pick them together their favorite fruit and if plums are your favorite fruit I would certainly be curious to know and also for girlfriend to explain why. Most likely if you execute love plums you’ve currently made Happy Plums, but for everyone else I’ve got you covered.

This is in reality my second Courage the Cowardly Dog recipe, the very first being little Muriel’s Macaroni and Cheese. For that recipe it to be clear the the macaroni and cheese contained both…macaroni and also cheese, in escalating quantities. Below we obtain a few more details ~ above the happy plums in the Muriel says they save vinegar and also need to be topped v sour cream, however that’s about it.

I take it some motivation from this cooking recipes for Ukrainian syrniki with brown butter plums. Ns didn’t make the syrniki (Ukrainian pancakes), yet the brown butter plums gave me some ideas on how to make these plums a little much more happy. And, together I’ve said numerous times, many recipes can constantly be boosted by including some rich, creamery butter.

Given the plums are already sweet yet a small tart, I assumed that balsamic would certainly be the best vinegar option. And because I want to prove that ns know an elaborate cooking techniques, I decided to amp things up by making a balsamic reduction because that the plums too. Bam!


PlumsButterBrown SugarBalsamic VinegarFull Fat cake Cream (because short fat tart cream is not enabled in my home)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut plums in fifty percent and eliminate the pit. Place plums in a roasting pan and sprinkle v brown street and add a little spoonful that butter to the inside of each plum. Location plums in the oven to roast.

Meanwhile, slowly heat increase balsamic vinegar, to produce a balsamic palliation (about 15 minutes). Do NOT cook the vinegar, you need to let the reduce and also thicken slowly. Once you have actually the balsamic reduction ready, drizzle it end the plums and put them earlier in the range for another 5-10 minutes till soft and also tender. Eliminate Happy Plums indigenous the oven and also top with sour cream.


This actually turned out better then ns thought. This is a nice bizarre mix that i would never ever have considered making there is no the Muriel to accumulate me. The plums came out nice and tender and also really took on the spices of the butter, brown sugar and also balsamic vinegar. The tart cream ~ above top nearly acted favor an “ice cream” and also was likewise a tasty addition.

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I doubt I would make happy plums again as a dessert. Yet if I find I’ve acquired some plums sitting roughly that I must use increase I deserve to think that worse methods to use them! Or, if a crazed maniac and his pets rat space hurling depression cannonballs into people’s houses, I’ll know what come do.