The youth series about the mermaids became very popular both on its motherland (Australia) and also abroad. Three periods of the given show were shot and also aired. The premier illustration was broadcast by Network Ten in 2006.

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Jonathan Schiff, director of the show, is planning to shoot a spin-off the the series. The new story will be called «Secret that Mako Island» (release date – 2013), which way that us will never ever see «H2O: Just include Water» Season 4, together the third season has been the last one! collection spin-off is come be created soon. Every the requests of the pan weren’t satisfied. That reality upset many TV viewers.

It have to be stated that the plot that the given collection was based on a story of three girls: Emma, Rikki and also Cleo, who had actually turned into the mermaids. Lewis, the girls’ friend, preserved their secret and prevented lock from poignant the water.

Would you prefer to see brand-new episodes of the provided story?

What about Mako Mermaids season 4 relax date?

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computer mouse

They space doing a spin turn off Mako Mermaids, however i neeeeeed season 4 !! Rikki was my favorite. I’ll miss …

22.03.2013 · answer



Rikki was my favorite too. ♥ ♥ ♥ 3

06.07.2013 · answer



I want season 4 ns don’t desire to watch mako mermaids ns want continual h2o

27.05.2014 · answer



I WANT an ext H20 NO MAKO MERMAIDS!!!!!!!!!!

15.01.2015 · answer

Denise H2O lover


27.04.2015 · reply


i hope there is 2 an ext season therefore i have the right to watch every night


Please do 4 and also 5 ns am so plank without the !!!!!!!!!!!

17.07.2013 · answer


I great there was seasons 4&5 of h2o

10.01.2014 · reply

Emma Snyder

They must air it that was a good show think of every the world that desire to view season 4 and also they can’t some people want to recognize what occurred to anyone after high school but now we won’t and also a most want to know around Rikki and Zane and also the others.

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I hate once they make a show and also then just shut the off. Please lug it ago I miss cleo and lewis!the spin off is dreadful I dislike it

18.03.2014 · reply

have large news

season 4 + 5 is coming the end on september the 10 thand ns don’t median a mako mermaids spin off i median a real series 4 through emma returning!!!!!!!don’t belive me? ask mine dad that made this series ( with various other people)

23.04.2014 · reply


Oh thank you so lot I love you males I just love your h2o just add water collection Emma rikki Cleo ash Zane Lewis and also then the other people are awesome have the right to you phone call them for me and also tell them I desire to meet them omg i love it

15.11.2014 · reply


Are u sure or r u trying to get publicity or something?! #Never joke about H20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04.11.2015 · answer


I desire season 4 of h2o and also I cant wait ns hope over there is a season 4 and 5 because h2o is awesome. Ns tried watching mako mermaids however I don’t choose it

27.05.2014 · reply


I make the efforts watching mako mermaids also but might not it is in interested the exact same I was for h20 ns need much more h20!

27.11.2014 · reply


I love h20 just add water and also hate to watch it end. Ns really and also positively hope the there is it will certainly be season 4. I wish over there wasn’t a rotate off and also I preffer an ext h20. Ns am not sure if there will certainly be season 4 yet keep hoping and also believing everyone!!!

27.11.2014 · answer


just execute season 4 plz ns can assist u or think whats going to occur next however please simply make season 4 plz.U recognize what ns going come convice this directer to make season 4 and also Im been wait for 2 year by the method I hate spin turn off whos v me

19.01.2015 · reply

Denise H2O lover

I yes, really really to be upset, ns finished the town hall H2O, me and my friends always roleplay the show. As shortly as i review this, i got upset and also started crying. Yet one point is true, rikkki,emma,cleo,bella,will,and lewis they all look different. And also i agree through lexi mako mermaids has NO RELATE to H2O in ~ all. Therefore i simply want to tell the producer to you re welcome make favor nonstop seasons.

27.04.2015 · reply

Teleri Eddington

I really dislike it that there was a season 4 trailer on YouTube, and it turns out that there yes, really is no season 4 at all!!!

25.07.2015 · answer


I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE H20 if castle don’t carry it earlier i’m gonna faint. Open minded Mako mermaids to be nothing choose H20!

04.11.2015 · answer

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