I'm trying to download new songs for my guitar hero world tour but seems like the servers aren't working anymore. Anyone knows if it's still possible to download more songs ?

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Better off buying all the games for cheap online. That’s what I did. I only buy songs on rock band 4 for xbox one.

I have the World Tour Drumset (3 Toms 2 hats) I should be able to use that one for Rockband games too right ?

"A variety of business and development issues caused Activision to remove classic Guitar Hero DLC from sale on March 31st, 2014. You will still be able to download previously purchased songs through the in-game store. Previously purchased Guitar Hero Mobile games will no longer be available for download through the iTunes App Store. This affects the following games:

Band Hero

DJ Hero

DJ Hero 2

Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero III

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero Mobile

For the following consoles:

Xbox 360

PlayStation 3


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Goddamn lol and I really wanted to play the rasmus song . Do you know if it's possible to download songs made by other players ?

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