It's to be a year currently that I've offered the keyboard rather of a controller to play guitar Hero 3. ~ a small while, ns was tired of using a key-board to play the game and also decided come search virtual to discover some wired controllers that I might use on PC. However sadly, you need to buy a provided one indigenous eBay/Amazon to have the ability to play properly. Is there any sites the end there that sell brand new ones? (Custom or anything)

If anyone has actually this information I would be pleased, Google is periodically a pains in the target to use :/.

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Chances room you'll have to pay a hefty amount for a brand new GH3 guitar. Honestly, offered isn't negative at every as lengthy as girlfriend make sure they aren't clearly damaged or dreadful worn.

A couple of years earlier I won a bid ~ above Ebay for a like-new Xplorer (my favorite guitar) for just $14. Only thing "wrong" with it was there to be a small black mark on the white part that doesn't rub off but other 보다 that the buttons and also strum bar felt like they were brand new. It's been collecting dust for a year or so until recently and also it's still amazing to use.

I would stay away native buying a used les paul v the detachable neck. Mostly since you don't yes, really know how crappy the connection could be between the two and also it can just stay down with time anyway. There space some "fixes" come that worry that may or might not work yet I'd quite not have to worry about that anyway.

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They haven't been made for a loooong time. The ideal you have the right to do is to walk on Ebay or similar sites and also hope to discover something. If friend live in the united state several world have recommended that you go to Goodwill a few times a main or so and see if they gain anything - could take a while yet you could cop a good deal.

You could get a wired xplorer for the PC, however you can basically use any Xbox 360 controller if you acquisition a Microsoft Wireless Reciever adapter for your PC. ~ above Amazon they're around 20 bucks, and you could get one off-brand (which ns use) for similar to 5-10 dollars.

Microsoft Wireless Reciever (Amazon):

So you can go for an Xplorer, Les Paul or any other etc as long as it's because that the Xbox 360. Sometimes you make an excellent deals, I obtained 2 unused (pretty much) Xplorers the various other day for only 15 bucks, however stuff choose that doesn't come roughly often.

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Good luck!

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Oh, and the wireless 360 controllers functions just and also the wired persons - no hold-up with the exactly settings.

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