EXERCISE REVIEW SHEET The Integumentary System Lab Time Date Name Basic Structure of the Skin 1. Complete the following statements by creating the appropriate word or phrase on the blank line: 1. The superficial region of the skin is the composed of (3 words) tworry. 2. The deeper region tissue is the created of connective tissue 3. The most plenty of cell of the epidermis is the 4. The 2 main layers of the dermis are the dermis, created of areolar connective tproblem, and also the dermis, composed of dense irconstant connective tproblem. 2. Four protective features of the skin are: 3. Using the crucial, select all responses that apply to the adhering to descriptions Keya stratum basale d. stratum lucidum b. stratum corneum estratum spinosum c. stratum granuloamount f. papillary dermis 9. reticular dermis 1. layer of translucent cells in thick skin containing dead keratinocytes 2. 2 layers containing dead cells 3. dermal layer responsible for fingerprints 4. epidermal layer exhibiting the a lot of fast cell division 5. layer including scalechoose dead cells, full of keratin, that constantly sloughoff 6. layer named for the countless granules present 2 area of melanocytes and also tactile epithelial cells & area wright here weblike pre-keratin filaments first appear 9. deep layer of the dermis 10 layer that secretes a glycolipid that avoids water loss from the skin 64 Rewatch Sheet 6 4 Label the int e ntary structures and also areas shown in the diagram 5. Label the layers of the epidermis in thick skin. Then, finish the statements that follow. CCO a. Glands that respond to increasing androgen levels are the glands. are epidermal cells that play a function in the immune response. c. Tactile corpuscles are located in the corpuscles are situated deep in the dermis. 6. What substance is manufactured in the skin and plays a role in calcium absorption in other places in the body? 7. What did the two-point discrimicountry test demonstrate? Rewatch Sheet 6 65 inquiries about general sensation are posed listed below Answer each by placing your response in the appropr ately numbered blanks to the right. 1-2. Which two body locations tested were many sensitive to touch? ווווווווו 3-4. Which 2 body locations tested were the least sensitive to touch? 9. Define adaptation of sensory receptors 10. Why is it advant Whyis it useful to have pain receptors that are sensitive to all vigorous stimuli, whether warmth, cold, or pressure? Pain receptors carry out not adapt. Why is this important? Accessory Organs of the Skin 11.Using the key, respond to the following descriptions. (Some responses might be offered even more than once.) arrector pili hair follicle sweat gland-apocrine cutaneous receptor nail sweat gland-eccrine hair sebaceous gland also Key: 1. acne is an infection of this framework 2. framework that homes a hair 3. even more numerous array of sweat gland also that is set off by climb in temperature 4. sheath created of both epithelial and also connective tworries 5. form of sweat gland also that produces a secretion containing proteins and fats in enhancement to water and also salts 6. smooth muscle connecting the hair follicle to the skin 7. primarily dead/keratinized cells (two responses) 8. specialized nerve finishing that responds to ecological stimuli 9. produces a secretion that includes cell pieces 10. "sports" a lunule and a cuticle 12. How does the skin assist to regulate body temperature? (Describe 2 different mechanisms.) 66 Resee Sheet 6 Plotting the Distribution of Sweat Glands 13. With what substance in the bond paper does the iodine painted on the skin react? 14. Which skin location - the forearm or palm of hand-has actually even more sweat glands? Which various other body locations would, if tested, prove to have actually a high thickness of sweat glands? 15. Which body organ system controls the task of the eccrine sweat glands? 16. Vitiligo is a disorder in which the pigmentation of the skin is uneven, resulting in white patches. Recent study argues that vitiligo can be an autoimmune disorder. Which cell would you mean to be the majority of affected, and why? 17.

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+ Keratinase is an enzyme created by dermatophytes. Which organs in the body would certainly these pathogenic fungi tfinish to prolifeprice in, and why?