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This is just one of the "don"t do that..." proverbs that we hardly need to be warned against. When were girlfriend last provided a horse?The advice offered in the "don"t look..." proverb is: when receiving a gift be thankful for what the is; don"t suggest you wished for an ext by assessing that is value.As with most proverbs the beginning is old and unknown. We have actually some hints with this one however. The phrase shows up in print in English in 1546, as "don"t watch a given horse in the mouth", in man Heywood"s A dialogue conteinyng the nomber in impact of all the Prouerbes in the Englishe tongue, whereby he provides it as:"No guy ought to looke a geuen hors in the mouth."It is probable that Heywood acquired the phrase from a Latin message of St. Jerome, The Letter to the Ephesians, circa ad 400, which contains the message "Noli equi dentes inspicere donati" (Never check the teeth of a given horse). Whereby St Jerome acquired it from us aren"t ever likely come know.Heywood is an exciting character in the advance of English.He was employed in ~ the court of Henry VIII and also Mary I as a singer, musician, and playwright.His Proverbs is a considerable collection that those sayings known at the time and includes many that room still through us:- plenty of hands make light work- Rome wasn"t developed in a day- A good beginning provides a an excellent endingand so on. These were expressed in the literary language the the day, together in "would yee both eat her cake, and have her cake?", yet the modern versions space their evident descendants.

We can"t attribute these to Heywood himself; he built up them from the literary functions of the day and from typical parlance. The can certainly be offered the credit for introducing many proverbs come a broad and proceeding audience, including one that Shakespeare later obtained - All"s well the ends well.See likewise - "straight native the horse"s mouth".See various other - sdrta.net and also sayings indigenous Shakespeare.See other "Don"t..." proverbs:Don"t cast your pearls prior to swineDon"t readjust horses in midstreamDon"t count your chickens before they room hatchedDon"t get mad, acquire evenDon"t reduced off your sleep to spite her faceDon"t save a dog and also bark yourselfDon"t let the cat the end of the bagDon"t put the cart prior to the horseDon"t close up door the steady door ~ the horse has boltedDon"t throw an excellent money after ~ badDon"t litter the baby out through the bathwaterDon"t try to teach her Grandma to suck eggsDon"t upset the apple-cart