Solar plexus syndrome (being winded) refers to what happens as soon as you are based on a sudden forceful influence to the abdomen. It is incredibly prevalent in call sports choose rugby and causes breathing obstacles.

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Abdominal muscle pain is the major symptom. It is often explained as having actually the wind knocked out of you.Difficulty breapoint.Anxiety or panicking.The symptoms generally pass in 10-15 minutes as your diaphragm relaxes and recovers from the blow.

What happens once you acquire winded?

Being winded is resulted in by a sudden blow or affect to the stomach or occasionally from a autumn onto your ago. If you have actually been winded, you will certainly have challenge breapoint deeply and also maybe challenge breathing at all. You may be anxious or feel panicked about not being able to breathe properly.


Specifically, a blow to this location which outcomes in a winding causes compression of the nerves behind the stomach – the solar plexus. This causes the diaphragm to contract and also go right into spasm.

Being winded is many prevalent in contact sporting activities such as Rugby and also may also take place in round sporting activities such as soccer or wright here the athlete drops to the floor such as in martial arts.

Mechanics of breathing

The diaphragm is the muscle which sucks air right into the lungs. As an outcome, it is challenging to breathe in and out effectively. Once the diaphragm relaxes, breathing becomes simpler.


When we inhale the intercostal muscles (between the ribs) and diaphragm contract to expand the chest cavity.

The diaphragm flat10s and moves downwards and the intercostal muscles relocate the rib cage upwards and out.

This rise in dimension decreases the inner air push and also so air from the external (at a currently greater pressure than inside the thorax) rushes into the lungs to equalise the pressures.

More on anatomy of breathing

Treatment & recovery

If you acquire winded then it need to pass naturally on its very own. However, tbelow are some points you can execute to alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Sit in a crouched position – If you are Winded, sit in a crouched place as this helps the muscles to relax.

Stay calm – Try to stay calm and take slow deep breaths.

The problem need to improve within 10-15 minutes. If not, seek clinical attention in situation of further injury such as a broken rib or collapsed lung.

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