Synopsis: Edward, Alphonse, Winry, and also their Xingese aquainances arrive at Central, wherein Ling disappears and is choose up by the armed forces for beginning the nation illegally. Winry goes to visit the Hughes household. Roy has a conversation v Armstrong around the brother in relationship to Hughes" death. He end up lying to them about it, but Maria Ross accidently reasons Ed to establish it. Ed and also Al walk visit Gracia and tell her and Winry around Hughes help them out. Gracia tells them to proceed on their search to regain their bodies. The homunculi discuss current events and also decide to store Roy busy with something. Ross is arrested because that the killing of Hughes while destruction goes on a date with "Solaris", that is in reality Lust.

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There"s really not a whole lot come say about the dub of this episode. It was a relatively well excellent episode, but it wasn"t stand out or anything. Ns think that it"s more than likely very great that it doesn"t stand out. It"s just one more English variation of the Japanese episode, which means that it"s law its job. I"m still not a fan of Vic Mignogna"s Edward or Wendy Powell"s Envy, yet everyone else seems to it is in peforming solidly.

The just really stand-out power is Meredith McCoy"s Maria Ross, and also I expect she have the right to keep the up throughout the following episode, too, due to the fact that that personality goes with the wringer. In fact, I"d say she walk a much far better job than the Japanese voice because that Maria Ross offered for Brotherhood. My choice was because that the original Japanese voice. The new one seems to shed its strength. This seemed to be the same situation when lock recast the Japanese voice for Riza Hawkeye, too. Meanwhile, Colleen Clinkenbeard continues to be strong, and also therefore the premium VA for the role. If skeleton hadn"t recast those roles, I would certainly still it is in preferring the Japanese voices. McCoy"s Maria has that sensitivity, the kindness of the character, but also brings a strength and determination that the character likewise displays. In comparison, the 2nd Japanese voice sound a little too weak.

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I don"t understand why few of Mustang"s subordinates sound so share in the dub, though. You can easily switch the voices that Havoc and also Falman and also you"d obtain the same peformances.

There"s only one an ext thing I wanted to add: what is through the music in this episode? the creates such a over-the-top effect in components of it. Yes, we"re supposed to fele exactly how sad Edward and also the gang room that they"ve found Hughes is dead, yet at times the music swells so much that it deafens, and deadens the feel by being melodramatic. Softer melody would have been just as, if no more, effective in the scene wherein Winry cries about not being able to make a pie that Hughes can eat. Hell, even the characters going into their rooms is met through this an excellent swell the music. Fuck, tone it down a little, even the very first series wasn"t this melodramatic. We acquire it, they"re sad.Overall ENGLISH DUB Score: 3.5 the end of 5