Country singer Michael Peterson had actually forever in mind as soon as he exit the song “From below to Eternity” in 1997 as the second single turn off his gold-selling, self-titled album.

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The song became Peterson’s first and just No. 1 struggle on the Billboard Hot country Singles & tracks charts. It additionally helped him knife the respect of being Billboard’s masculine Artist of the Year the exact same year. 

Today, “From right here To Eternity” remains Peterson’s signature tune.

A Promise the Forever 

Written by Michael Peterson v Robert Ellis Orrall, “From here To Eternity” tells the tale of a one-woman-man that is about to propose marriage to the love of his life. 

He saved a year for the ring he will certainly give, and he can’t wait to see how it would certainly look ~ above the woman’s hand. He promised to provide her everything she needs and swore to remain solid and tender for her. For he’s to be dying to ask her the burn question, “Will you be mine?”

“From below to eternity. I’m questioning you to share her life v me. Now and forever, i guarantee. I’ll constantly stay by her side. Ns promise mine love come you. I’m willing and also able and also ready to. Everything you need, ns am below for you. And I’ll always be from right here to eternity,” the song goes.

However, Peterson claimed that the is actually a “pretty spiritual song.” Well, everything the song meant, it definitely left its mark on country music.

Deborah Evans Price the Billboard magazine even reviewed “From below To Eternity” favorably, calling it a “well-written ballad, ripe v sweet emotion.” She go on saying the Peterson’s vocal “perfectly catches the warmth and feeling in the lyric.”

Throughout Peterson’s career due to the fact that his debut ~ above the country music scene in 1997, he produced five peak 40 access time on Billboard’s Hot country Singles & Tracks. He controlled to release 4 remarkable studio albums.

Several artists have since then extended Peterson’s songs. Despite his last charting song was in 2002, he proceeds to release albums and perform military benefits. Yet did you understand Peterson provided to smash blocks of concrete, ice, and flaming bricks through his head years before his big break?

Petersen even held a document for a time by dividing a four-foot nine-inch ridge of concrete with his noggin. But that’s no all. He additionally used his hand to rip through phone books, tear patent plates in half, blow up warm water bottles till castle exploded, and snap baseball bats.

No, that did not execute all these to impress the ladies. Instead, Peterson – as component of an evangelism group dubbed The strength Team – would usage these accomplishments of stamin at high school assemblies to draw adolescents to weekend Christian youth rallies.

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Indeed, there’s more to this country singer. Song in and listen to Michael Peterson’s “From right here To Eternity” in the video below.