STEP 1: torque IN succession 55 FT/LBS action 2: talk IN sequence 65 FT/LBS step 3: talk IN succession 85 FT/LBS RECHECK final TORQUE IN SEQUENCE

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ok you do NOT require one if you simply look in ~ the one you posted and also then include a cylinder on each end of the illustration and add 2 head bolts on each end. Then you just proceed the sequence of number over the critical 2 bolts ~ above each end in the same pattern. Also what is a good idea on any kind of engine is to torque the bolt in steps. Example1st action 202nd step 453rd step final amount.

Almost every cylinder heads are torqued in this fashion. There are a couple that have actually special sequences due to differing bolt length and size, and/or things that go under the head bolt before torquing other than the cylinder head itself (rocker arm pedestals, rocker eight carriers), but for anyting no of the unordinary, the is the sequence.

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Basically simply a criss-cross pattern working from the middle outward; truth be said if you just went increase in 5 lb increments it most likely wouldn"t do a lick of distinction what order to be used.Joe