This is the an initial in a regular collection of LinkedIn posts featuring women (past and present) who made far-ranging contributions to science and technology. The surname of this collection is “Lady Edisons” in respect of Beulah Louise Henry, who is featured in this article.

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Beulah Louise Henry, later known as Lady Edison, to be a self-educated inventor and also entrepreneur born in the 1800’s. Her very first invention to be a vacuum sealed ice cream cream freezer (US Patent no. 1,037,762) which to be patented in 1912. A year later on in 1913 she obtained her 2nd and 3rd patents because that a handbag (US Patent no. 1,063,031) and also an umbrella (US Patent no. 1,079,240), both with interchangeable covers. She then moved to brand-new York, were she began “Henry Umbrella & Parasol Company” and by 1929 she opened up a second company – B. L. Henry agency of brand-new York.

In 1932 she received US Patent no.1,874,749 for the protograph, a an equipment attached come a typewriter that produces four additional typewritten duplicates without carbon paper. She walk on to obtain 12 additional patents for renovations to the typewriter. Later, she turned her fist toward enhancing machines. She wanted a sewing an equipment that created a strong stitch there is no the threads unraveling or tangling ~ above the device or the fabric. In 1940 she successfully patented the first bobbinless sewing maker (US Patent no. 2,037,901). These improvements revolutionized the make industry.

She additionally has patents because that The Kiddie Clock (used to assist children find out to call time), miss out on Illusion doll, repeatedly attached envelopes (US Patent no. 2,610,784), a hair curler (US Patent no. 1,538,809), and also a can opener (US Patent no. 2,744,653). She was granted a total of 49 us patents and is credited with end 100 inventions. Beulah Henry is just one of the couple of women in the at an early stage 1900s who was able to make aliving together an inventor. In 2006, Beulah Louise Henry to be inducted right into theNational Inventors hall of Fame.


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