There are many foods that start with H and luckily, we did the research study for you come stop trying to find them anymore but read here.

This short article is about foods that start with H.

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If you’ve had trouble knowing foods items that start with H, wedid the research study – issue not, the list listed below will have all the foods that startwith H.

Also, prior to getting started, that is to store in mind the the list us have listed below will have actually foods, fluids, plants, and also anything edible – all of these we will certainly be introduce to as foods items in this article.

We likewise have pages for both fruit that start with H and vegetables that begin with H if that’s what you’re spring for.

With that being said, let’s obtain started through sharing foodsbeginning v H.

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Foods that start with H:

Foods that begin with H:


Following are the foods start with H in situation you’ve hadno idea and wanted to educate yourself more on foods and also edibles.

1 – Hackberry:

Hackberry is an edible, tiny black to violet berry that haslarge pits.

2 – Haddock:

Haddock is a food fish the is found in Atlantic.

3 – Haggis:

Haggis is a dish the is do of calf’s or sheep’s viscerathat is minced through suet, oatmeal, and onions and is then boiled in animal’sstomach.

4 – Hake:

Hake is a type of food fish regarded cod.

5 – Halal:

Halal is a term offered for meat of animals that areslaughtered in a way that is according to shariah.

6 – Halibut:

Halibut is a maritime food fish that is found in northern Pacificor northern Atlantic.

7 – Hallah:

Hallah is a bread of bread that consists of eggs and also leavenedwith yeast.

8 – Ham:

Ham is a meat that is reduced from the thigh that a hog.

It is one popular food that starts with H.

9 – Hamburger:

Hamburger is a sandwich consisting of minced beef the is servedon a bun.

10 – Hardbake:

Hardbake is a sweet the is made v butter, almonds, andmolasses.

11 – Hardtack:

Hardtack is an extremely hard, unsalted bread or biscuit.

12 – Hare:

Hare is a meat of any of various rabbits or wild hares.

13 – Haricot:

Haricot is a bean variety that has actually light-colored seeds.

14 – Hash:

Hash is the mixture that chopped meat blended with potatoes.

15 – Haslet:

Haslet is a term used for liver, heart, or any other viscera the animals, particularly of hogs.

16 – Hay:

Hay is a grass the is mowed and also then cured to be eaten as afood.

17 – Hazelnut:

Hazelnut is a seed of any kind of of miscellaneous trees the the genusCorylus.

18 – Head Cabbage:

Head cabbage is any type of of various species of cabbage that has actually abig, compact head.

19 – Headcheese:

Headcheese is a jellied loaf or sausage that has choppedparts the the head meat the calf or pig.

20 – love Cherry:

Hearty cherries space large, heart-shaped cherries that havesoft flesh.

21 – Heel:

Heel is a crusty end of loaf of bread.

22 – Hen:

Hen is one adult, mrs chicken the is supplied as a food.

23 – Herb:

Herb is a plant that lacks the long-term woody stem.

24 – Herbal:

Herbal is a drink the is make of pipeline of several herbs.

25 – Hero (or Hoagie):

Hero is a form of sandwich that consists of meats and cheesewith tomatoes, onions, and also lettuce.

26 – Herring:

Herring is a food fish that is uncovered in norther waters ofPacific and Atlantic, supplied as a food.

27 – Highball:

Highball is a drink that has alcoholic liquor and also wateror carbonated beverage, served in a high glass.

28 – Hindquarter:

Hindquarter is a back fifty percent of a next of meat.

29 – Hindshank:

Hindshank is a cut of meat indigenous upper component of behind leg.

30 – Hoecake:

Hoecake is a slim johnnycake that is made of cornmeal.

31 – Hog Plum:

Hog plum is the fruit the the wild plum of southerly UnitedStates.

32 – Hollandaise:

Hollandaise is a dish of butter and eggs through lemon juice.

33 – Hollands:

Hollands is a gin made in Netherlands.

34 – Homebrew:

Homebrew is an alcohol addict beverage the is made in ~ home.

35 – Hominy:

Hominy is a hulled corn that has its germ and also bran removed.

36 – Hommos (or Hoummos, Hummus):

Hommos is a thick spread out of tahini, mashed chickpeas,garlic, and lemon juice.

37 – Honey:

Honey is a sweet fluid produced by bees, provided as a food.

This is one of well-known foods that start with H.

38 – Honeydew (or Honeydew Melon):

Honeydew is a fruit of plenty of varieties that winter melon vine.

39 – Horehound:

Horehound is any kind of of many herbs of genus Marrubium.

40 – Horseradish:

Horseradish is a coarse Eurasian plant that has actually an edibleroot, provided for seasoning.

41 – warm Dog:

Hog dog is a term offered for frankfurter the is served hot ona bun.

42 – hot Pepper:

Hot pepper is any type of of plenty of pungent capsicum fruits.

43 – Hotcake:

Hotcake is a cake v thin batter that is fried ~ above both sides on a griddle.

44 – Hotchpotch:

Hotchpotch is a stew or food made the vegetables and also meat.

45 – Hotpot:

Hotpot is a stew that potatoes and also meat that are cooked intightly spanned pot.

46 – hubbard Squash:

Hubbard squash is any of plenty of winter squash plants thatproduces greenish fruit.

47 – Huckleberry:

Huckleberries room blueberry-like berries found in easternUnited States.

48 – Huitre:

Huitre is one edible human body of any kind of of plenty of oysters.

49 – Hushpuppy:

Hushpuppy is a cornbread round that is deep fried.

50 – husk Tomato:

Husk tomato is violet to yellow tomato-like fruit the is enclosedin a bladder-like husk.

51 – Hydromel:

Hydromel is when honey is diluted in water.

52 – Hyson:

Hyson is a environment-friendly tea indigenous China that has actually twisted leaves.

53 – Hyssop:

Hyssop are bitter leaves that are provided in salad.

This is every there is, till now, about foods that start with H.

Do girlfriend know any type of other that us missed in the list? Commentbelow and also we’ll include it.

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Also, that is tough to perform them all since of language and country obstacles – over there sure room 100s of foods items that start with H yet no one ~ above the planet earth knows castle all.