A computer system ________ is two or much more computers connected using software and also hardware so the they can connect with each other. A) networkB) switchC) broadbandD) node

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A ________ is any an equipment connected come a network such as a computer, printer, or video game console.A) packetB) nodeC) NOSD) NIC
________ is the actual speed of data transport that is achieved between two nodes on a network and also is always less than or equal to the data move rate.A) BenchmarkB) BroadbandC) BandwidthD) Throughput
Some of the responsibilities of ________ space installing new hardware and software on the network and also monitoring performance.A) programmer analystsB) the managersC) computer system techniciansD) network administrators
Which of the complying with is not a typical network style type?A) regional area network (LAN)B) home area network (HAN)C) Intraoffice area network (IAN)D) personal area network (PAN)
friend can find out i m sorry network adapters are set up in your system by utilizing the windows ________ Manager utility. A) Network B) an equipment C) Setup D) Hardware
When setup up a house network, make certain each node has actually ________.A) a NOS installedB) the appropriate software mounted on every nodeC) a network adapterD) the appropriate security protocols in place
The network style that spans the largest physical street is called a ________.A) MANB) LANC) PAND) WAN
A large network designed come provide accessibility to a certain geographic area, such as a big city, is a ________.A) MANB) PANC) LAND) WAN
Which transmission tool transmits data the fastest?A) Twisted-pair cableB) Coaxial cableC) WirelessD) Fiber-optic cable
What infection media is used for typical telephone service?A) Fiber-optic cableB) Twisted-pair cableC) Coaxial cableD) Ethernet cable
A client/server network is an instance of ________ administration.A) localB) large areaC) centralD) remote
A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is an instance of ________ administration.A) localB) broad areaC) centralD) corporate
Which of the complying with is not a typical for wireless Ethernet networks? A) 802.11nB) 802.11gC) 802.11abD) 802.11ac
Which of the adhering to is not a kind of cable provided in wired networks?A) Unshielded twisted-pairB) CoaxialC) Fiber-opticD) Unshielded coaxial
Which that the adhering to is not a kind of UTP cable you would usage in a wired Ethernet network?A) Cat 5EB) Cat 6C) Cat 6AD) Cat 7B
If you room going to attach an ext than 15 devices to her wireless network, you need to make sure your router supports which standard?A) 802.11bcB) 802.11nC) 802.11acD) 802.3ac
Wireless network tools use ________ to communicate with each other.A) fiber opticsB) satellitesC) radio wavesD) DSL
For the nodes on a network to connect with each other and accessibility the network, each node demands a ________.A) DSL modemB) network adapterC) hubD) router

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On a network, a(n) ________ helps avoid data packets native colliding with each other.A) access pointB) hubC) adapterD) switch