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Windows 10 users reported that they are gaining Enter existing volume brand for journey C message.If friend too have this worry with your partitions, simply proceed reading the guide below.

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2. Examine it native This PC

Open This PC.If you want to modify her volume label, just do the following:

Right click the drive that you want and choose Properties from the menu.

You can easily assign any kind of label to her storage maker simply native This PC.

3. Use CommandPrompt

When Command Prompt opens enter F: and also press Enter.We used F: due to the fact that that’s the letter the our storage device, but you’ll have to use the letter that represents your storage device.After your current brochure changes come F: drive, simply get in dir and press Enter to list the components of the directory.Optional: You have the right to make this process even more simpler by entering the vol F: command as quickly as the Command Prompt opens.

If you need to uncover your volume label, you deserve to use Command Prompt. Finding your volume label v Command Prompt might be a bit more complex, however in part cases, you could have to fully rely on Command Prompt and also use it come make changes to your difficult drive.

Now that you know just how to discover your disk label, you should have the ability to fix the Enter current volume label for journey C message. According to users, you just need to enter your volume label once this problem occurs and also press Enter.

If girlfriend don’t have actually a volume brand assigned, you deserve to simply leaving it blank and also press Enter. Follow to users, this error largely occurs once you’re do the efforts to transform FAT32 journey to NTFS drive using transform command in Command Prompt.

In part rare cases this post can show up if your volume brand is corrupt, and if it is the case, you can have come reformat that partition in stimulate to fix this error.

Keep in mind the formatting your partition will delete all files from it, because of this be sure to create a backup. To layout your partition making use of Command Prompt, do the following:

Open Command Prompt as administrator.When Command Prompt opens, go into diskpart and also press Enter.Now you require to choose your difficult drive.To carry out that, enter list disk and also list of all accessible hard drives and also storage devices will appear.Judging by the size, situate the tough drive the you want to use and enter select disk x.Replace x with the ideal number.Enter list partition to perform all easily accessible partitions ~ above that difficult drive.Enter select partition x to select an proper partition.After that, go into format fs=ntfs quick label=your_label.You can replace your_label with any kind of label that you want to usage for the partition.Press Enter and the formatting procedure will now start.

We need to warn you that diskpart is an extremely powerful tool and nearly all alters performed through this tool room irreversible, as such use extra caution and make certain to dual check everything before proceeding.

Another means of format your partition is to open up This PC and also use the style option. To perform that, follow these steps:

Once again, formatting will eliminate all files from a specific partition, so be sure to earlier them up before you proceed.

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Enter current volume label for drive is usually not one error, and also in most situations you simply need to find your volume label and enter the in order to proceed. If her volume brand is corrupted for some reason, you might have to style your partition in order to resolve this problem.