Note: This Episode an introduction List is based turn off the episode #’s once the show first aired in the U.S. Top top Cartoon Network in 1999-2001. That’s when we created this page was originally. The early episodes the the display were edited so much that some mirrors were actually linked together. The episode List is thus much shorter than the original Japanese DBZ episode Listing. Now, Funimation has remade the beforehand episodes in “uncut” fashion. It would be tedious & confound for united state to redo this list. This perform matches up through the initial releases that VHS Tapes & DVD’s when they initially hit streets about 1999-2001. Either way, you get the storylines.

Siayan Saga – easily accessible from – Uncut!

Saiyan Saga – Season 1

Contains the Namek Saga and also Ginyu Saga. Obtainable on

Namek Saga – Season 2

Captain Ginyu

Available at

Frieza – Season 3

Season Four consists of the finish Garlic Jr., Trunks and Android sagas top top 6 discs. Choose it up from Amazon!

Garlic Jr. Saga – Season 4

Trunks Saga

Android Saga 

Season Five consists of the Perfect and Imperfect cabinet sagas on 6 discs. Snag from Amazon at a an excellent price!

Imperfect cabinet Saga – Season 5

125.  Seized through Fear 126. The Reunion 127. Obtained Powers 128. His name is cabinet 129. Piccolo’s Folly 130. Activities Basement 131. Our Hero Awakens 132. Time chamber 133. The Monster is coming 134. He’s here 135. As much as Piccolo 136. Quiet Warrior 137. Say Goodbye #17 138. Sacrifice 139. Saiyans arise 140. Supervisor Vegeta 141. Bow to The Prince 142. Hour of Temptation 143. Krillin’s Decision 144. Last Defense  145. Cabinet is finish 146. Vegeta need to Pay 147. Trunks Ascends 148. Conserving Throw 149. Ghosts From tomorrow

Dragon ball Season Six has the whole Cell gamings Saga – Grab the from Amazon!

The Cell games – Season Six

150. The cabinet Games 151. What is the Tournament? 152. The Doomsday transfer 153. Fulfill Me In The Ring 154. No worries Here 155. A Girl named Lime 156. Memories of Gohan 157. A brand-new Guardian 158. Dende’s Dragon 159. The Puzzle of basic Tao 160. The Games start 161. Losers Fight an initial 162. Goku vs. Cabinet 163. Cell’s Bag of top 164. No much more Rules 165. The fight is end

166. Faith in a boy (with images) 167. Gohan’s desperate Plea 168. Android explosion 169. Children of Cell strike (with images) 170. The Unleashing (with Images) 171. The Unstoppable Gohan 172. Cell’s Mighty malfunction 173. A Hero’s taking leave 174. Cabinet Returns 175. The fear Won’t end 176. Save The civilization 177. Goku’s Noble Decision 178. One more Wish 179. Complimentary The Future

Contains the Saiyaman Saga and World tournament Saga. Available at

Saiyaman Saga – Season 7

180.  warriors of the Dead 181. Tournament starts 182. Water hit 183. Last Round 184. Son ogong Vs. Pikkon 185. Gohan Goes to High institution 186. I Am Saiyaman 187. Gohan’s first Date 188. Rescue Videl 189. Blackmail 190. I’ll Fight also 191. The Newest super Saiyan 192. Take trip Videl 193. Gather for the tournament 194. Camera shy

World Tournament

195. The world Tournament 196. Trunks vs. Goten 197. Ideal of the guys 198. Huge Trouble, tiny Trunks 199. That Will hit Who? 200. Forfeit that Piccolo 201. A Dark and secret Power 202. Videl Is Crushed 203. Identities Revealed 204. Energy drain

Season Eight includes the complete Babidi and also Majin Buu sagas. And also is easily accessible at

Babadi Saga – Season 8

205: The Wizard’s Curse 206: King that the Demons (w/images) 207: Vegeta attacks 208: following Up, goku (w/images) 209: battle Supreme 210: Eighteen Unmasks 211: pay to victory 212: heart of a rogue 213: The Dark Prince return 214: Vegeta’s pride (w/Images) 215: The Long-Awaited hit (w/images) 216: Magic ball of Buu (w/images)

Buu Saga

217. Buu is Hatched 218. The Losses begin 219. The Terror of Mr. Buu 220. Enjoy the meal Time 221. The Warrior’s Decision 222. Final Atonement 223. Evil resides on 224. Find the dragon balls

225. Rebirth 226. Worldwide announcement 227. Find out to fuse 228. The Z knife 229. Gyeongju to Capsule Corp. 230. Supervisor Saiyan 3?! 231. Buu’s Mutiny 232. The combination Dance 233. Goku’s Time Is increase 234. Go back to Other world 235. The end From the damaged Sword 236. Gotenks is Born 237. Unlikely Friendship 238. I kill No More

Contains The blend Saga & boy Buu Saga. An excellent Deal top top too!

The blend Saga 239. The angry of guys 240. Buu versus Buu 241. Empty Planet  242. Time struggle 243. Super moves of Gotenks 244. Trapped in Forever 245. Feeding Frenzy 246. Gotenks is awesome 247. Unlucky Break  248. A Whole new Gohan 249. Find for Survivors 250. Majin Buu Transforms 251. The Old Kai’s Weapon 252. Prepared to Fuse? 253. Union that Rivals 254. Accomplish Vegetto 255. Rip in the universe 256. Vegetto 257. The incredible Fighting Candy  258. The Innards of Buu  259. Mind catch 260. Visions of Deadly

Kid Buu Saga

261. Evil son Buu 262. End of earth 263. True Saiyans struggle Alone 264. Battle for the Universe begins 265. Vegeta’s Respect 266. Minute the Desperation 267. Old Buu emerges 268. Earth Reborn 269. Call to action 270. Human being of earth Unite 271. Spirit Bomb Triumphant 272. Celebrations v Majin Buu 273. He’s constantly Late 274. Grandaughter Pan 275. Buu’s Reincarnation 276. Goku’s next Journey

DBZ Movies

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