\"To prove his superiority, Frieza vows to beat goku without utilizing his hands. After ~ a few painful lessons, the mighty Saiyan has actually Frieza eat his words. Somewhere else on Namek, Captain Ginyu manages to traction the supplies his ultimate an approach on Bulma, leaving she trapped in the human body of a frog!\" cannot be used as a web page name in this wiki.

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Frieza\"s Boast is the fourteenth episode of the Frieza Saga and also the eighty-ninth overall episode in the uncut variation Dragon round Z series. The original Japanese title is \"Furiza Kyofu no Sengen! te wo Tsukawasu Omae wo Taosu\" (フリーザ恐怖の宣言! 手を使わずお前を倒す). The episode first aired on may 8, 1991. It\"s original American air day was October 8, 1999.


Frieza, confident the he can defeat Goku, supplies to fight him without making use of his hands. The 2 resume your fight, and also even through Frieza not utilizing his hands, the two are still same matched. Meanwhile, top top Earth, Chi-Chi is no hope to acquire to Namek come retrieve Gohan, however Ox-King reminds her the the Capsule corporation spaceship is quiet broken. Then, Dr. Brief shows up and also tells them that the ship has actually been fixed. She and several others start packing to leaving for Namek, amongst them a reluctant Yajirobe.

Back on Namek, Goku and Frieza proceed to fight furiously. Frieza begins to offer Goku a hard time with his tail, yet Goku turns the tables by grabbing Frieza\"s tail and using it versus him. Elsewhere, Bulma cruises throughout Namek on she motorcycle with Captain Ginyu in the Namekian Frog\"s body, and remembers exactly how she met him together the smartest among a colony of dumb frogs. Bulma and also Ginyu prevent somewhere come eat, and when Ginyu display screens human-level IQ, Bulma straps a small maker on that to translate his croaks into speech. However, with his capability to speak again, Ginyu uses his body Change technique and switches bodies through Bulma.

Frieza wraps his tail approximately Goku\"s neck to strangle him, yet Goku resorts to correctly measures and also bites that hard. Through Frieza distracted by the pain, goku pummels Frieza furiously till Frieza strikes earlier by punching son ogong back. Goku gloats triumphantly because that forcing Frieza to use his hands, while Frieza decides to prevent playing around and also fight properly.


Goku vs. Frieza (1% last form)


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\"Freeza\"s terrible Declaration! I will Defeat you Without utilizing My Hands\"

English titleFrieza\"s Boast
Japanese titleフリーザ恐怖の宣言! 手を使わずお前を倒す
Romaji titleFurīza Kyōfu no Sengen! dare o Tsukawazu Omae o Taosu
Literal titleFreeza\"s disastrous Declaration! I will certainly Defeat friend Without making use of My Hands