With the new trailer release of The eyes Of Tammy Faye, pan are currently curious to understand who Jim and also Tammy Faye Bakker’s youngsters are. Fulfill Jay Bakker and also Tammy Sue Bakker-Chapman – what room they up to today?

Who space Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker? 

Jim and also Tammy Faye Bakker married in 1961. From there, the pair began their own ministry wherein Jim preached and also Tammy Faye sang. About this time, the pair developed their decade-long puppet ministry well-known Christian talk series, The 700 Club.

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In 1974, the pair got their large break ~ they founded The PTL (Praise the Lord) Club, a televised production that supported and increased their preaching and also music.

The pair are additionally credited with popularising the prosperity gospel – the belief that by giving money come evangelical organisations, God would certainly reward believers with an ext wealth, both physical and also financial.


Who are Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s children?

Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker divorced in 1992 however have two youngsters together, Tammy Sue Bakker-Chapman – likewise known as Sissy – born in 1970, and Jamie Charles Bakker – also known as Jay – that was born in 1975.

The televangelists’ eldest daughter, Tammy Sue, likes to save a low profile in the media. But we perform know that in 1992, Tammy Sue took over the prayer The lord ministry founded by her parents. This come after Tammy Faye revealed she no longer wanted involvement with PTL.

Jay Bakker, top top the other hand, is a pastor and author, having actually published his 2001 book entitled kid Of A Preacher Man. In one interview with NPR, Jamie Charles said the publication, cryptically: “Religion can be a very dangerous thing.”

The book details Jay’s life during and also after the Bakker scandal that lugged the downfall that his father’s ministries, and also delves into the young man’s involvement v drink, drugs and rock music.

In one interview with Matthew Hall, Bakker claimed of those times: “I would acquire into fist fights in ~ school because they’d say things about my mom and also dad. It was sometimes hard and, then again, it to be semi-normal.

“I went with all the rebellious points that world go through, prefer drinking and also partying and drugs, however it to be a bit much more amplified because that me due to the fact that of the attention.”

What room the Bakkers doing now?

At age 81, Jim Bakker is the end of prison and has went back to hosting his very own TV show, The Bakker Show, with his 2nd wife, Lori Bakker.

In 2007, Tammy Faye passed away from cancer in her Kansas home aged 65. But, prefer her ex-husband, Tammy Faye remarried. ~ her marriage to Jim dropped apart, Tammy Faye went on to come to be a pop culture figure because that the LGBTQ community.

When it involves Jay Bakker, little has been revealed in current years but in 2011 it was claimed he runs his co-founded church, transformation Church, in new York. At the time, he claimed the church met every Sunday afternoon at a Brooklyn bar and, native his Instagram, the looks together though the church is quiet going.

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Tammy Sue Bakker-Chapman has actually been leading a exclusive life but what us do recognize is she is proceeding to run PTL.

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