The Parkers was among UPN’s height shows. Certification Mo’Nique and also Countess Vaughn, the series following the lives of a mother and also daughter enrolled at the very same California community college was a large hit v fans and one that the highest-rated program on the network.

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One thing viewers especially loved to be the cat and also mouse game between Nikki Parker (Mo’Nique) and Professor Stanley Oglevee (Dorien Wilson). Established to victory over her “man,” Nikki tried and also schemed incessantly to success over the professor, who invested the majority of the show running away from she affections.

But turn off screen, what to be their connection like? go Mo’Nique and also Dorien Wilson obtain along?


Countess Vaughn, Dorien Wilson, and Mo’Nique in a promotional image for ‘The Parkers’ | CBS via Getty Images

Mo’Nique’s character on ‘The Parkers’ regularly annoyed Dorien Wilson’s

It to be clear native the moment he was introduced in the inaugural season in 1999 that Professor Oglevee had zero interest in Parker. Still, she persisted, explaining she just needed come wear that down, just like her grandm did with her grandpa.

She spent five seasons obsessing end the teacher, harassing him, stalking him, and chasing away his girlfriends. Through a miracle, she wound up falling because that someone she was claimed to get married in the last season in 2004. However Professor Oglevee, having realized he love Parker, interrupted the ceremony and married she instead.

The actors of ‘The Parkers’ including Dorien Wilson, Ken Lawson, Yvette Wilson, Mo’Nique, Countess Vaughn, and also Jenna von Oy | Tony Esparza/CBS photo Archive/Getty Images

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What was Mo’Nique and also Dorien Wilson’s relationship choose off-camera?

Speaking about their off-screen partnership in a 2000 interview with The Baltimore Sun, Mo’Nique defined Wilson together a close friend. She additionally mentioned that their chemistry was so strong, some fans even thought lock were with each other in genuine life, despite Mo’Nique was married to she now-ex-husband mark Jackson at the time.

Dorien Wilson and Mo’Nique at an event together in 2001 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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For his part, Wilson has actually also spoken highly that his previous co-star, informing Radio One Digital in 2018 that he viewed her and also his various other co-stars as family.

“It sounds so cliche, but that’s specifically what that was,” he added in an figure on The function Presentation v DJ Suss One.

Wilson go on come recall some of the “great” times he had actually with Mo’Nique transparent the show, like when they would certainly bond end life experiences. “… us were — and also still space — tight. She’s great people,” that continued.

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Will there ever before be a reboot that ‘The Parkers’?

Over the years, talks of a reboot have emerged. Both Wilson and Vaughn have also thrown their assistance behind a resurgence of the series, but there’s no official arrangement in the works.

In the meantime, fans have the right to revisit old illustration of the display on Netflix, which derived the civil liberties to The Parkers in 2020. Happy watching!