Duane Chapman may be his actual name, however most fans know Chapman as \"Dog the Bounty Hunter\" thanks to his popular show. Follow to his profile on IMDb, Dog gained his begin in truth television in 2003, showing up on his own present titled \"Dog the Bounty Hunter.\" The collection ran native 2003 to 2012 and earned a couple of spinoffs, consisting of \"Dog and Beth top top the Hunt,\" i m sorry starred his late wife, Beth Chapman. In 2019, Dog nabbed another spinoff the was titled \"Dog\"s many Wanted,\" yet it\"s safe to say the the first show was what really put him on the map.

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Despite his success in the reality television world, money has not always been easy. In 2020, The sun reported that Dog hosted a one-of-a-kind church company in Placentia, California, and also he fee fans approximately $1,000 to attend amid ongoing money problems. Fans required to social media come express their frustrations end the situation. \"I would love to go & ultimately meet you ultimately your going to be close, however I can\"t purchased $1,000 to satisfy you,\" one comment (via The Sun). The Blast mutual that the fact star challenged a similar scenario when fake accounts asked fans because that money and also gift cards. \"We have actually become conscious that there are multiple fake Dog The Bounty Hunter account on numerous social media platforms. These accounts will ask because that money and also gift cards. Please block and report them,\" the statement read. Save scrolling because that details on Dog\"s network worth.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Chapman, has an impressively large bank account come go in addition to his killer bounty hunting skills. Follow to Celebrity network Worth, Dog is precious $6 million. It\"s safe the say the the mass of Dog\"s fortune came from his popular display \"Dog the Bounty Hunter,\" which was a ratings giant. Hefty revealed that the original display earned end $400 million, correctly million, and also Dog got fans from around the globe in the process. The display proved come be one of the most famous on A&E, and also it earned Dog a couple of other streams that income, including publication deals. His book titled \"Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given,\" earned end 400 evaluate on Amazon and has actually a four-star rating.

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Dog owns a few homes in the joined States, including one in Hawaii and also another in Colorado, but not everything has to be hunky-dory. In 2018, Dog and also his so late wife, Beth Chapman, were sued for not making house payments (via The Sun). \"As that November 27, 2018, there was superb balance early of $109,328.69 for unpaid monthly payments and reimbursement because that utilities, real residential property taxes, and also insurance premiums,\" court records read. In ~ the time, the pair also supposedly \"failed and also refused to pay the amounts due\" and refused come vacate the property. Hawaiian Airlines civilization Elite MasterCard also sued Dog\"s late wife for failing to pay $73,860.55. The is not Dog\"s responsibility to pay, however the courts mean him to handle the claims.