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Official rule of Table Tennis

We’ve summarized the important ping pong rule from USA Table Tennis right below to help you settle those garage or office disputes. This perform is not exhaustive, however we have discovered that these ones are usual points of contention among many players. Even if it is you call it ping pong, table tennis, or noise whaff, these official table tennis rule should assist you save things straight.

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1. Gamings ARE play TO 11 POINTS

A video game is play to 11 points. A video game must be winner by two points. A complement is typically the best three of five Games.

2. Alternating SERVES EVERY two POINTS

Each side of the table alternates serving 2 points in ~ a time. EXCEPTION: ~ tied 10-10 (“deuce”), business alternates in ~ every point. Deserve to you lose on a serve in ping pong? Yes! over there is no separate rule for offer on video game Point.


How do you offer the round in ping pong? host the sphere in your open palm, behind your end of the table. Toss at the very least 6” straight up, and strike the on the means down. It need to hit your side of the table and then the various other side. NOTE: once the round leaves the server’s hand that is in play, and so counts together the receiver’s point if the sphere is let go or mis-hit.


There is no border on whereby the round lands on her side or your opponent’s next of the table. It deserve to bounce two or more times on her opponent’s next (if so, that’s your point), bounce end the side, or even hit the edge.

5. DOUBLES SERVES have to GO appropriate COURT TO right COURT

The serve have to bounce in the server’s right court, and also receiver’s right court (NOTE: landing on facility line is fair). Doubles partners switch places after their team serves twice.

6. A offer THAT touches THE network ON THE means OVER IS A “LET”

Can the sphere hit the network in ping pong? Yes, throughout a RALLY, if it touches the top of the net and also then otherwise lands together a legit hit. But not when serving. If a served ball access time the net on the way over and also otherwise legally bounces in play, it’s a “let” serve and also is excellent over. There is no border on how plenty of times this have the right to happen.


Doubles partner must alternating hitting balls in a rally, no matter where the ball lands ~ above the table.

8. VOLLEYS space NOT allowed

Can girlfriend hit the ball before it bounces in ping pong? No. In constant tennis you may “volley” the ball (hitting the ball before it bounces on your side the the net). However in table tennis, this results in a suggest for her opponent. NOTE: when your opponent hits a sphere that sails end your end of the table without poignant it and also then hits you or her paddle, the is still your point.

9. IF your HIT BOUNCES earlier OVER THE net BY chin IT IS your POINT

If friend hit the ball in a rally or top top a serve and it bounces ago over the network after hitting your opponent’s side of the table (due to excessive spin), there is no your adversary touching it, the is your point.

10. Emotional the round with your paddle hand is allowed

What happens if the round hits your finger or hand throughout a ping pong rally? If the round touches her PADDLE hand and also otherwise results in a legal hit, there is no rule violation and play shall continue as normal. Her paddle hand includes all fingers and also hand area below the wrist. However what if the ball touches a player’s body anywhere else throughout a ping pong rally? You may not touch the ball with her non-paddle hand for any type of reason. That will result in a allude for your opponent. However if your opponent’s fight sails over your side that the table without emotional it, and hits any part of girlfriend or your paddle, the is still her point.

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11. You might not touch the table through your non-paddle hand

You may touch the sphere or the table with your paddle hand (after getting to in to return a brief serve, for example), or various other parts of your body. NOTE: If the table move at every from your touching it throughout a rally, the is her opponent’s point.

12. An “edge” round bouncing turn off the horizontal table top surface is good

An otherwise legal offer or fight may contact the optimal edge the the horizontal table top surface and be counted together valid, even if it bounces sidewise. The vertical political parties of the table room NOT part of the legal playing surface.


If no referee is present during a match and also the football player disagree on a certain call, the “honor system” applies and the players should discover a method to agree, or beat the suggest over. Ping pong dead a legacy of fierce yet fair play. Help us store it that way!