15 bad Teen Titans relationship That angered True pan The teen Titans are one of comicdom"s premier super-teams, yet these 15 inter-team relationship were so bad that fans practically revolted.

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The teenager Titans are one of the most culturally appropriate super-teams in every one of comic lore. DC’s team that sidekicks, younger heroes, and occasionally de-aged constant heroes has actually been around ever because Robin, child Flash, and also Aqualad walk behind their corresponding mentors backs in 1964, shortly joined by Wonder Girl and a swath of others. In your time, they’ve been offered as DC’s answer come the X-Men, a platform to introduce new heroes who later on became firm icons, and a place to store and also rehabilitate weak or unnecessary characters. All things considered, castle a an excellent team. However they endure from what could be dubbed "the boarding college effect", a phenomenon the occurs when you give teenagers with powers or benefits a personal tower to mess around in with small to no adult supervision.

The first thing that’s guarantee to take place is that hormones will certainly run wild and also couples will form. Unfortunately, teens don’t always have the ideal judgement, especially when it involves romance, and also Teen Titans has been responsible for giving comic readers few of the worst comic couples ever put come print. These selection from the obscenely boring come the fully offensive, however certainly outnumber the great relationships the the series has offered readers.

What? prick Grayson and also Starfire? The quintessential teen Titans couple? fine what on earth are lock doing on a list like this? it’s true that the 2 were a cornerstone of arguably the most renowned iterations the the team, and it’s just as true the their romance has continued to specify them going right into the modern-day day, yet there’s a bizarrely understated element of their relationship.

It’s sort of favor the relationship between Jean Grey and Cyclops in the it’s vital to character and also narrative dynamics, yet is nice bland and also arbitrary once you gain right under to it. In both cases, it’s very much an instance of the most well-known guy and most famous girl obtaining together due to the fact that that’s what the popular kids do as soon as the parents provide them a one-of-a-kind playhouse to it is in alone in. In ~ the end of the day, the downright generic.

Aquagirl and Static gone into into a brief and unpopular romantic relationship right around the time that the Teen Titans got to the lowest allude in their cultural relevance. The two may or may not it is in related, despite its no clear which would have caused the other. The 2 met when recorded by the Terror Titans and also forced come fight together gladiators in the Dark next Club.

When released, Aquagirl encouraged Static to stay with the teen Titans and also become a member, despite the truth that both had actually been absent for months and Static notified her the he had actually a household that was more than likely really worried about him. The partnership didn’t last, partially due to the fact that Static to be actually composed as an intelligent and capable hero, partially due to the fact that Aquagirl was depicted as flirt that talked up many of the various other male heroes top top the team, and partially because nobody yes, really cared around them.

beats young terra
To it is in fair, the early romance between Beast Boy and Terra before the occasions of "The Judas Contract" was relatively well received. They had believable chemistry and also personalized interactions that made their brief relationship have definition outside of stare context. And also therein lies the problem. Their puppy love romance was so integral come the plot of one of the most iconic teen Titans stories of all time that any reference, remake, or reimagining of "The Judas Contract" needs to have lock front and center.

Through time, a few cartoon shows, an man movie, and several comic lines, your coupling has suffered from overexposure come the suggest where it started to feeling exploitative and also fans came to be disgusted by the repeat of it all. Fortunately, DC there is no remade the storyline because that the Rebirth era however so they may have learned their lesson ~ above this one.

12 BLUE BEETLE and also TRACI 13

The battle of naming every the troubles with the relationship between Blue Beetle and also Traci 13 isn’t finding all of them yet deciding wherein to begin. For starters, castle were never ever officially a pair but cure each various other like they to be dating. The faint nature of your relationship created several bad decisions consisting of Traci’s contact not to join the teenager Titans together she assumed working v her ‘boyfriend’ would be weird, despite it didn’t protect against Beetle indigenous openly flirting v Aquagirl.

There’s also the nebulous nature that Traci’s mystic powers which are ideal described together ‘some type of magic’ which somehow ties her right into the true nature the reality, therefore making she inexplicitly crucial to the "Flashpoint" event. In the restructured universe, she’s date Natasha Irons i m sorry is really finest for everyone involved.

By all accounts and also logic, this one really should have worked. Kid evil one was the Faustian apprentice come Blue Devil, a naïve young hero in over his head much more often 보다 not. Ravager to be the reformed daughter the Deathstroke, greatly jaded through the assorted goings on that her much more innocent teammates on the Titans. Their dynamic did often tend to job-related as lock played off each other, start with kid Devil’s soft crush on Ravager and her steady endearment v him.

Their romance prospered over time from just hanging out roughly Titans Tower to late-night skinny-dipping sessions. For this reason why perform they do the list? Simply because never in the food of their relationship did everyone so much as say they to be together. As far as the writers seemed to it is in concerned, they to be just tender friends and nothing more, in spite of the clamoring that the fans who wanted them to be official.


because that years, fans had actually been calling because that Superman and Wonder mrs to obtain together, seeing the pairing of the two most an effective members the the DC Trinity together the finish all be all of ships. Then brand-new 52 answered your wish and showed pan the folly of their request. Yet years before, authors experimented through this pairing by putting together their particular young allies. Superboy and also Wonder Girl met together members the Young Justice wherein she harbored a long-standing unrequited to like on the boy of Steel.

In the really last arc the the early comic line, Superboy arbitrary revealed that he’d covertly reciprocated she feelings because that years and wanted to pursue a relationship. Wonder Girl agreed and also the two stayed together pretty lot until "Flashpoint" turned everything topsy-turvy. Apart from the weird jump start to the relationship, it to be weirdly boring in spite of the real chemistry in between the characters.

One’s a perpetually immature, prank-obsessed shape-shifter. The other’s a half-demon sorceress prophesied to bring around the apocalypse. Individually, they’re compelling and deep personalities with multiple class of advance worth scrutinizing and analyzing, yet together they’re…surprisingly boring. For one thing, they no even display remote romantic interest in one an additional until the team’s 4th incarnation, almost 30 years eliminated from their shared debuts. And the accumulation to your romance was so long and also drawn the end that even the authors of The Office could have told them to rate things up a bit.

They shared tiny chemistry and the basic gist that their connection seemed to it is in parasitic, v Raven leeching the positive outlook and good feelings indigenous Beast Boy. Fortunately, this has actually been erased in the current Rebirth line with an emphasized period difference in between the two of them and vastly divergent personalities.


In his time in print, Garth has undergone several of the strangest character alters in all of comics, transforming from a sickly and pale Aqualad to the an effective and confident Tempest. Throughout this change, he’s had flings v everyone indigenous Aquagirl to Omen, but his weirdest and also least-liked partnership was with half-fish hero Dolphin. Why to be this viewed as an aer coupling?

Well part of it to be the substantial differences in physiology but there was also the small matter that Dolphin was the ex-girlfriend that Aquaman, Tempest’s mentor. Though the king that Atlantis provided the duo his blessing, have actually you ever before dated her teacher’s ex and had it end well? Of course you haven’t since that’s accurate insane. The two even married and also had a boy together before DC reset the clock top top the entire universe, thankfully erasing this relationship from existence.

In all fairness, Raven and also Dick Grayson were never actually a pair in the comics. This rather refers to Raven’s abrupt and very out that character sudden romantic attention in Nightwing around the time that was getting ready come marry his long-time girlfriend Starfire. Raven to be still gaining a grip on the whole having-emotions thing yet seemed to have the ability to control herself except when it pertained to the former Robin. So much so the she interrupted she friends’ wedding and practically trigger one apocalypse by summoning she demonic father, Trigon.

Though it was essential to the story and also did ultimately assist break up Nightwing and Starfire, that was additionally an apparent ploy by writers not to do Raven a more compelling character however to exaggeration up prick Grayson’s hypermasculinity and general appeal to the female gaze.


The Teen Titans cartoon indigenous the beforehand "00s presented a whole generation to some of the standard Teen Titans characters while being funny, dramatic, and sporting a unique blend of computer animation styles and also an earworm design template song. A fan favorite character to be Jinx, right here reinvented together a knavish teenage sorceress who could hex enemies with bad luck. End the course of the series, she sparked increase a pseudo romance with Cyborg and also the two would sometimes flirt while fighting.

Then the illustration "Lightspeed" aired in the final season. That simultaneously introduced the character of child Flash because that the an initial time, threw that haphazardly right into a romance through Jinx, and also caused her to switch sides and also become a hero. Fans may have been receptive to every one of this, but when it to be tossed in their laps in a solitary episode, it just rubbed anyone the dorn way.

yes a lot to hate about the impromptu relationship between Terra and also Deathstroke in the pages that the classic Teen Titans story " The Judas Contract". The basic conceit was that a main reason for Terra come betray she teammates in the well known heel rotate was that she and Deathstroke to be lovers. Arguably the worst aspect of this was the age difference. Terra to be 15, and also writers have due to the fact that confirmed that she to be initially claimed to be also younger.

Their relationship additionally added small to the story. Terra can have had any variety of other reasons for betraying the Titans in the most vital narrative duty she ever played, however having she be in one inappropriate relationship with their oldest enemy, both in regards to story and in physics age, was most likely the least ideal route. Come say fans to be upset by the disclose of your explicit connection would it is in an understatement.


Starfire is among the most instantly iconic characters in all of comics. Due to the fact that her arrival as a deposed princess in Teen Titans, she’s been a mainstay the the entire series, demonstrating the refugees come strange and foreign lands have the right to still be optimistic, happy, and also even discover love. Climate the new 52 happened and all the went the end the home window faster 보다 you can say “No, no, put her in less clothes.”

The company-wide reboot turned her into an apathetic nymphomaniac in an too many sultry outfit. She dropped in with the new Outlaws, Red Hood and also Roy Harper, and had repeated romantic encounters with both, every time emphasizing exactly how it intended nothing to her and that they shouldn’t look also deep right into their bedtime activities. This led to backlash v fans that disliked see the frequently passionate Starfire together an emotionless doll.

The best obstacle because that the romance between Kid Flash and Solstice was the it took location in the ill-fated and also poorly-advised brand-new 52 universe. As Red Robin was creating the new version the the teen Titans, the 2 of castle were detainees together in an Indian prison for metahumans wherein Solstice was tortured and disfigured by N.O.W.H.E.R.E., offering her a brand-new stoney appearance.

Once they made your escape, component of Solstice’s recovery associated her initiating a romance with boy Flash based on their mutual experiences. Because, girlfriend know, a girl who’s undertaken a life-altering trauma have the right to fix her problems with the ideal guy. Oh, and also they had very small chemistry, their romance didn’t really add anything palpable to either the story or their characters, and also ultimately was generally a prize of what brand-new 52 was, unwanted, nonsensical, and also made irrelevant v Rebirth.


there’s nothing prefer a tragic death to carry people closer together. Yet when those world are the deceased’s girlfriend and best friend and also ‘closer together’ translates right into ‘make out in their friend’s gooey remains,’ then possibly a healthy distance is preferred. After ~ the death of Superboy in Infinite Crisis, his ideal pal Robin decided that the best way to cope through the loss was to shot and clone Superboy’s dead body.

Unfortunately, Robin to be a better Boy Wonder 보다 he to be a geneticist and also his attempts to make a new Superboy repetitively failed. Wonder Girl, Superboy’s girlfriend, uncovered Robin’s experiments when he destroyed his vats that half-baked clones in frustration. Emotionally bonding over their mutual loss in a pool of your dead friend’s rotting guts, the two mutual a kiss that send fans approximately the civilization into a confused uproar.

Donna Troy and also Terry lengthy aren’t simply the solitary worst pair that has ever before disgraced the pages of Teen Titans, not just the worst pair in the entire background of the comic medium, they could just it is in the worst couple in all of fiction. The story goes the Wonder Girl met Terry lengthy in college…as his student. She was 19, he was in 30s, a divorcee, and also was working multiple jobs since he couldn’t make tenure.

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While dating, he actively hit on her friends, revealed he discovered her strength to be "fun", and used she celebrity to boost his own ego. Certainly not what wilhelm Marston intended. Writers had the 2 married through a kid before one of them realized that fans to be on the verge the rioting and also quickly composed both Terry and also their child out that the photo with a auto accident.