• p (EN = 2.1) is much less electronegative than chlorine (EN = 3.0) so p is the main atom.

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team Valence ElectronsP 5A 1 × 5 e– = 5 e–Cl 7A 5 × 7 e– = 35 e–Total: 40 valence e–

The Lewis framework is:


The electronegativity difference between P and Cl is 0.9 for this reason the C–Cl shortcut is nonpolar. Recall the dipole arrows point towards the more electronegative atom.


The molecule PCl5 is observed no to have actually a dipole moment. This is because:

A. There room no lone pairs of electrons on the central atom

B. As a gas and liquidPCl5 is no a ionic, but rather the bonds room covalent

C. The polarity that the P-Cl bonds cancel out as result of the geometry of the molecule.

D. There room two lone pairs of electrons on the central atom, however due to the repulsion, they are on opposite sides of the central atom and cancel out.

E. P and Cl room ciose in the routine table, for this reason they have very comparable electronegatives, and as such, the P-Cl bonds room not polar.

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