Seems sort of monster you wouldn't tell an orphan that his parental pretty lot saved his town by sacrificing your lives...

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Yeah, it's perfect fine come tell a boy that the beast that killed his parental is living inside of him.

The fox didn't kill them, they sacrificed themselves for the sake of Naruto and the village. That's the difference. Ns would've to be proud if ns was Naruto and I discovered out/was told around my parents heroic action. Especially considering how very Naruto regarded the title of "Hokage".

Personally i feel that everyone is looking at the situation with a very narrow perspective and thought as to why Hiruzen, Tsunade, Kakashi, and Jiraiya go what castle did.

As us all already know, Naruto to be born and also immediately had Kurama sealed within self on the job of Kyuubi's rampage top top the village. His parents had actually both sacrificed us in the process, and Naruto himself prospered up outcast through the town without any kind of real girlfriend or any type of love in ~ all. Fingers can be pointed all over for why Naruto prospered up this why, yet ultimately a number of factors did contribute to that.

We need to remember that Naruto to be still a kid. A an extremely unstable child who to be wrongfully neglected a proper method of growing up. That barely had any kind of knowledge the anything around the village, and also barely knew anything in ~ all. He never really came to be mature sufficient to be told who his parental were because his mentors feared for his reaction and safety in general.

We don't understand if Minato and also Kushina told Hiruzen of when Naruto should be informed of that they were.

We saw once Naruto very first met Minato that he was extremely angry at his father. If Minato wasn't over there to in reality calm Naruto down and if this was told to him through Jiraiya or Tsunade, we can only imagine what his reaction would certainly be, also in part II, as he had incredibly an obstacle containing Kurama. Jiraiya and also Tsunade want to tell him, and Hiruzen want to together well, however they had to take necessary precautions simply because Naruto wasn't prepared yet. Naruto was told at the precise right time once he needed to it is in told, and it's great that Minato himself was able to tell him.

I'm not saying this was the appropriate thing come do, yet looking at it native the perspective of Naruto's mentors, they to be doing it out of worry for him.

As much as not telling him around Kushina after he met Minato, Naruto to be obviously a very busy guy. Anyone was. Kakashi and Tsunade did understand he met his father, they can have assumed he to be told through Minato directly about his mommy as well.

I'm going to go ahead and deal with another typical issue about the secret of Naruto's parents. A lot of of world seem come think that the adult of the leaf village should have already known the Naruto to be the child of the Yondaime merely by the blonde hair and the name "Uzumaki".

We must remember that this is a shinobi village. Barely anyone in the village knows much about their own village's history, for Christ's sake. Keys are maintained from them. They most likely didn't know anything about the Uzumaki clan in ~ all, not an extremely many people did. A most them might not have even known the Kushina was the Kyuubi's container.

Even those who did know she was the container, I very doubt that any of lock knew that Kushina to be pregnant. This had actually to be retained a secret. Kakashi didn't carry out a very great job of that, obviously, bring about Obito recognize out, but the village itself was more than likely kept in the dark, and also for an excellent reason.

Fast front to Naruto as a child, the world of the town are obviously too blinded by your hatred for Kyuubi and also their extreme admiration for the Yondaime that they can't expropriate that they are related, even if the facts do suggest to it. The blonde hair, the Uzumaki name, etc. Mean nothing.

Talking around the Kyuubi was also totally banned, which just adds fuel come the fire. Even if they had suspicions no one would ever tell Naruto of every people, lock hated him.

They additionally had come hide the reality that Naruto was the container that Kurama from various other villages, that course.

No one really knew much of anything around the Uzumaki clan, and those that did most likely knew the they were foreign. Naruto might have been anybody's kid, in your eyes.

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Again, I'm not trying to justify anything that taken place to Naruto. The was all wrong. However people are human. They, and we, are all fucked up in the head. It's a component of life. It's really not that far fetched and also it makes sense come me.