Years after ~ its spine-chilling finale, Hunger Games stays the critical YA dystopia franchise among a substantial bookshelf of lover book collection from the genre. The trembling saga launched the career of (now-Oscar winner) Jennifer Lawrence and introduced audiences to a variety of actors who room crazy renowned now. Mahershala Ali played Boggs, remember? with the human being of Panem set to broaden on screen with the movie adaptation of The Ballad that Songbird and also Snakes, let’s look back at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay ending. Whereby did it leave points again?

Spoilers room ahead for the ending of The Hunger Games franchise. As publication fans may remember, the final movie in the franchise extended the second fifty percent of the 3rd book, Mockingjay, that had Katniss storming the Capitol to finish Snow’s power once and also for all. Let’s obtain into it:

What happens At The end Of Mockingjay part 2

The final moments that the collection goes out through a literal meaning bang, when Katniss finds herself in the middle of a raid in ~ the Capitol top top the means to hunt down President Snow. Amid the chaos, Katniss sees she sister Prim with a medical team giving relief shortly before a bomb is dropped best on height of her and Katniss simply misses the explosion. The entire collection began through Katniss risking her life to save her sister and also this step signifies the cause she has actually rebelled against crossing the line beyond her control.

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Katniss does do it to president Snow’s garden, may be to death him and also finally end the suffering of Panem. But once she gets there, eye apologizes for the death of her sister and also says that he was not the one who had dropped the bombs ~ above the Capitol. Snow explains he was around to surrender come the rebellion once the parachutes dropped, divulging exactly how it"s no in his personality to wastefully execute Capitol children without purpose. That points the event to president Coin, that he believes called for the massacre in stimulate to rotate the Capitol top top Snow and also take the presidency it s her while Snow and Katniss to be distracted by each other.

Katniss to trust Snow when she is component of a meeting with other past victors, whereby Coin decides to i think the presidency and also takes a symbolic Hunger games with Capitol kids to a vote. Realizing the Coin is no various than eye was, Katniss agrees come the Hunger games as lengthy as she it s okay to execute eye at the ceremony. Throughout the publicly execution Coin makes a speech, announcing:

May her arrow signify the end of tyranny and the start of a brand-new era.

Instead of piercing it right into Snow’s heart, Katniss kills Coin and angry crowds erupt, storming ideal toward Snow, who is eliminated by the people. The ending shows the the abuse of strength is not included to one person, however often the solution that give them unfair power.

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Who Lives and also Who dies In The Hunger Games" last Act

Before we move forward with Mockingjay part 2’s epilogue, we have to take a step ago and look in ~ which major characters we stated goodbye to and also who lived to see Katniss’ arrow. Here’s who sadly did no make the out:

The Hunger Games characters Who dice At The finish Of Mockingjay part 2

Sam Claflin’s Finnick Odair is the very first major lossc of Mockingjay component 2. The District four victor passed away while Katniss and the crew are on their method to chairman Snow’s mansion. Throughout their face-off against some mutated lizard-humans, he offers them a clearing to escape, yet is no able to make it out himself. Boggs likewise dies ~ above the way to Snow once he accidentally cause a mine pod and the squad have to leave him. Prior to dying, Boggs alerts Katniss no to trust “them,” which as it turns out is Coin. And of food both chairman Snow and also Coin die, leave the place to president Paylor, the rebel leader of district 8.

The Hunger Games personalities Who Live at The finish Of Mockingjay part 2

As much as who is left lively after the traumatic occasions of the franchise, Finnick’s mam Annie Cresta stays alive and also pregnant with their child. Annie return to ar 4 and gives bear to your son and also keeps in touch through Katniss. District 7 hothead, Johanna Mason likewise survives and also presumably return home along with other making it through rebels such together Beetee. Gale Hawthorne suspect a government position in district 2, and as the publication describes things, Katniss is relieved by this and also believes he’ll soon discover someone rather to loss in love with and also forget her. Plutarch Heavensbee is appointed as the Secretary that Communications and Effie and also Haymitch thankfully stay alive as well and also promise to save in touch, with Haymitch return to ar 12 through Katniss and also Peeta come raise geese.

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Katniss and also Peeta work out Down

The Hunger Games series officially ends where it all began, with Katniss and Peeta’s ending. Katniss returns to reunite through Peeta, that is beginning to recover from his Capitol torture. Peeta has been asking Katniss what is real and what is no to uncloud his head native the manipulation he confronted at the hand of Snow. He asks her if she love for him is genuine or not, come which she confirms her real love because that him. The movie ends v the couple a few years into the future v two young youngsters living a relaxed life in a meadow. Once the baby in Katniss’ arms starts crying, she delivers this lines to signal the bittersweet finishing of The Hunger Games:

Did you have a nightmare? I have actually nightmares too. At some point I"ll describe it come you. Why lock came. Why castle won"t ever before go away. Yet I"ll phone call you how I survive it. I make a perform in mine head. Of every the great things I"ve watched someone do. Every small thing I can remember. It"s prefer a game. I carry out it over and over. Gets a little tedious after every these years. But there are much worse gamings to play.

Whether this is a happy ending for Katniss and also Peeta is up because that interpretation and also it walk leave points open-ended because that the pair in some ways. The couple found each other and also some peace away from the politics of Panem, yet they are both really much influenced by the games. Katniss still has nightmares, yet by the end of Hunger Games she is content v playing a much lower stakes video game when the negative dreams haunt her then living in the civilization of pains that developed them.

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Is Mockingjay yes, really The end Of The Hunger Games?

Many loosened ends room tied in ~ the finish of Mockingjay part 2, however it additionally does leaving some avenues for an ext story to take place in the future. The politics of Panem could definitely reach an additional breaking suggest at some allude that could bring out every the skeletons in Katniss and also Peeta’s closet. Josh Hutcherson has shown interest in returning for a sequel, even with an idea in mind and we expect we execute see one more chapter come the saga v the original actors someday.

For now, Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins published a prequel to her popular series earlier this year, The Ballad the Songbird and also Snakes, which tells the story that President snow as a teenager. And also a movie is in the works with Francis Lawrence, who directed Catching Fire and both Mockingjay films on board to adapt the movie. You’re all recorded up on where Hunger Games left things on the large screen. What did you think of how Mockingjay perfect the series? poll in the poll below.

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