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High Voltage detox is a brand which renders “detox” products claiming to advantage your health and wellness by removing toxin from your body. Together we detailed in our current vaccine decoding review, there is zero medical proof that continual people advantage from “detox” products outside of extreme medical circumstances.

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In this review, we’ll explain why detoxification isn’t important for most people, why this company’s formulations space terrible, and also offer some better alternatives. We’re using their “Premium detox Drinks” as the basis because that the formulation reviews.

Do I must Detox?

The an initial thing you must ask yourself before considering “detox” products is why you would must detox in the first place.

Our organs currently detoxify our blood perfectly fine in practically all circumstances. In fact, carriers claiming “detox” services is usually a red flag the their products aren’t backed by any scientific research. Unsurprisingly, High Voltage detox publishes no research proving their assets are efficient in “detoxing” the body.

There room some scenarios which need medically-assisted detoxification therapy, prefer high exposure to mercury from dental amalgams, because that example.

Dental fillings provided to be made with mercury, i m sorry is toxic. Today they aren’t. However, many older people still have actually mercury in your fillings, and also removing this safely might require detoxification therapy. Some clinical research says beneficial outcomes to a proprietary vitamin protocol in this distinctive case.

If you were exposed to high levels of hefty metals or pesticides, you must speak v your doctor about potential medical therapies. If you’re not, you shouldn’t worry around detoxing. In either case, your doctor won’t be recommending a sugary power drink referred to as “High Voltage” together the systems to your problems.

Formulation Review


High Voltage genuinely has the worst formulations we’ve viewed to date in our complement reviews, and also the bar is fairly low with products like G Fuel offering flavored caffeine because that $40.

Their “premium detox drinks” save on computer 42 g the sugar per bottle. That’s 3 g an ext than a 12 oz Coca Cola.

It’s well developed in medical research the processed sugar is harmful come the body in excess, so because that a firm making health cases to contain this lot sugar just proves how small they care around their consumers’ health.

The formulation likewise contains a few vitamins consisting of Vitamin C and a few B vitamins. Over there is no proof that the vitamins contained in the dosage of this formulation carry out any detoxification benefits, nor has actually High Voltage Detox noted any ~ above the product page, therefore we can assume the vitamin inclusions are unnecessary and also ineffective.

Proprietary Blend

Most the the active ingredients in High Voltage Detox are consisted of in a proprietary blend. If you’ve read our various other supplement reviews favor our Libido Max Red review, you’ll recognize that we think this to be a deceptive means to reference product ingredients, specifically in this case because there’s caffeine included.

A prop blend mirrors the dosage of all of the ingredients combined, therefore consumers have actually no insight into what the sheep of individual ingredients are.

A agency could sell a product through a prop blend of 1000 mg and four ingredients: rice flour, saffron, echinacea and goji berry. The rice flour might be 999 mg and also the other three ingredients could be 0.33 mg each. It’s normally a method for service providers to encompass exotic ingredient in minute quantities and hide the exact dosages.

In this case, caffeine is had in the prop mix which is a consumer health risk. Caffeine is a stimulant which deserve to have harmful health effects for some consumers based upon their tolerance. That unsafe to no publish the precise caffeine dose so consumers have the right to make an informed decision. 

This product could have 100 mg or 500 mg that caffeine. We have no idea due to the fact that all we recognize is it’s contained in a blend the totals 985 mg. Some world would have actually serious side impacts at caffeine doses end 300 mg, for this reason it’s absolutely unacceptable to not disclose this information.

Additionally, it’s absurd to encompass caffeine in a “detox” product since caffeine chin is a stimulant which deserve to be addictive and cause withdrawals. We have actually no problems with caffeine in the context of constant coffee or tea consumption, yet for this product group it makes no sense. Us haven’t seen any proof the caffeine is a detoxifying agent, nor is there any kind of biological factor it would be.

Inactive Ingredients

High Voltage Detox consists of several inactive ingredients (listed under “Other Ingredients”) which space not appropriate for health.

High furustos corn syrup has been proven to it is in harmful to numerous metabolic functions and may induce obesity.

Artificial food colorings are additionally harmful to person health, and there’s no factor they have to be contained in a product meant to detoxify the body.

This product additionally includes natural and also artificial flavors, which room unregulated terms. Us recommend the health-conscious consumer avoid commodities with these flavoring agents, especially from companies with questionable ethics like this one, since the chemical compounds behind these organic flavors can be harmful.

Other Products

High Voltage detox sells a wide selection of "detox" products, some of which are even an ext ridiculous than the one analyzed above. They sell a “Saliva clean Mouthwash” which claims to “remove every toxins from your saliva”.

This is of course an absurd and unscientific claim and also they carry out no proof of the stated benefits. Swishing part liquid through high furustos corn syrup in her mouth is no going come remove every one of the toxins in your saliva, nor should there be far-reaching toxins in your saliva anyway if you a continuous healthy person.

The company sells “Fast Flush” capsules if you detoxing “in a hurry”. Again, an ext pseudoscientific nonsense. That knows what they’re proposing you “flushing”, however again they administer zero proof of how this would work-related or why it’s needed.


We can’t recommend staying clear of this agency enough. Please don’t waste her money on assets that no only have zero proof of efficacy, but also contain harmful ingredients prefer high fructose corn syrup and also excessive processed sugar.

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There is no medically established reason that consistent healthy people should it is in concerned about “detoxing”, nor any published evidence arguing these assets actually “detox” the body.