We’ve all want to dye our hair a different shade at one allude in our lives. A few years ago, i didn’t want to salary a many money to have a professional stylist have my hair dyed, so ns bought a crate of hair shade thinking I can do that on my own. It wasn’t the best very first try, yet after reading and also watching digital guides on just how to effectively dye her hair, i got better at dyeing my own hair.

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The various other day, I found an extra crate of hair dye ns bought 3 years ago. So, ns asked the inquiry of whether or no hair dye go expire also when unopened. And here’s what ns discovered.

The art of Hair Dyeing

Hair dyeing or hair coloring is the renowned practice of transforming your herbal hair color into one of two people natural-looking (e.g. Black, brown, blonde) or unnatural (purple, shining red, blue) colors. There are no clinical benefits to this, and it’s merely for aesthetic purposes.

Hair dyeing is a typical practice because that older civilization who desire to cover their graying hair. However it’s likewise used by those who hair has actually been discolored by hair therapies or organic sun bleaching. And there room those who merely want to shot out brand-new hair colors for fashion.

Hair dyeing dates earlier to ancient Celtic and also Greek methods as at an early stage as 60 BC. Because they didn’t have actually the hair dye we know today, they provided organic water from plants choose henna, senna, turmeric, leeks, and other substances.

Today, hair water are accessible for both natural hair colors and also unnatural colour of miscellaneous shades and also styles. It have the right to be done by a professional hairdresser, or you deserve to purchase a box of hair dye and also do that at home for cheaper.

Hair Dye Applications

While hair shade is traditionally used as one shade for the entire head the hair, there have actually been various types that ended up being popular over the decades. In fact, it’s now feasible to apply hair dye on eyebrows to enhance a full head of dyed hair (though part may have actually polarizing opinions on it).

Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair shade contains ammonia and must be blended with one oxidizing agent to permanently stick come hair. How long irreversible hair shade lasts counts on several factors like hair dye quality, hair, and temperature, but can normally last between four to 6 weeks before it starts come fade.


This indicates exactly how long a cosmetics product is an excellent for after it’s opened. This symbol can be uncovered in various other cosmetic products and also can tell you whether or not your shampoo or conditioner is expired.

If friend look at her hair dye and also see that this symbol states “12M,” because that example, it means that her hair dye is only great up to 12 months after you opened up the package. The number shows the months, and ‘M’ stands for the word ‘months’.

Hair dyes have a shorter shelf life as soon as they’re opened contrasted to when they’re left unopened. Once manufacturers package your hair dyes, their procedure seals in the dye in the quality they want their consumer to receive.

Once the package is opened, there’s no telling how well that customer will re-seal the remaining product, therefore it’s feasible the product have the right to be exposed to external aspects like bacteria, air, water, and other materials. This can impact the dye’s quality and also safety to usage on a person.

Hair Dyes through No Expiration Date

Some hair dyes perform not come v an expiration date. This is technically true that it will never expire if you leave it unopened, however it comes v a caveat. It will never expire if you leaving it unopened or opened, but you must keep it correctly stored.

To keep your hair dye safe, location it in a cool and dark area far from direct sunlight. Keep it away from moisture, and avoid placing it in a humid room to stop moisture build-up. If used, protect against contaminating the main packaging because that the dye by only squeezing out as soon as you need onto a clean bowl prior to quickly and also tightly re-sealing the container.

What happens If I use Expired Hair Dye?

While it’s i can not qualify that using expired hair dye will have life-threatening effects, it’s much better to it is in safe than sorry. You could end up v unwanted next effects, including hair damage, discolored hair, hair loss, or various other damages that might require you come get more expensive hair therapies to acquire it fixed.

This applies to all kinds that hair dyes, be it long-term or semi-permanent. Even the hair water your professional stylist offers won’t be as reliable if it’s reached its expiry date.

At worst, you might experience other negative effects except damaged hair. These deserve to include:

Allergic reactionTingling or burning sensation on your scalp and also skinReddish skin

How to use Hair Dye

The best method to acquire the look at you’re going because that is to go to a professional stylist. A decent hair dye treatment can range between $50 and go as much as $150, depending upon the size of your hair, the hair dye used, and how challenging the format you desire is.

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In comparison, the expense of a crate of hair dye ranges between $5 to $10. It’s definitely a large price difference, yet when you take into consideration the ability of the stylist and the type of product castle use, it’s worth paying the added money come avoid getting it wrong and also accidentally damaging your hair.