Every girl ns have ever before dated complains around goosebumps after ~ shaving your legs since its walking to make their hair flourish faster. So ns finally challenged my existing girlfriend, stating this legend is bullshit. Trouble is i can't find any type of credible details on the subject, just a bunch of human being asking the same question on ask.com or yahoo. If everyone can discover some credible details on the topic I would certainly be super happy even if I'm proven wrong.

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What the...no, no they don't. What wake up is that the goosebumps progressive the base of the hairs and also when they go away the hair stubs room left standing.

I'm a girl and also my bf makes fun the me because that no reason because it really does make her legs spikey!!

IT'S TRUE! my husband and I argue around this, as well. Everytime I shave my legs and then acquire goosebumps, mine legs feel prickly when they go away.

Yes, this is mine girlfriend's position, I'm searching for some type of scientific data to support this. That is my understanding that there is a muscle that pulls the hair right up when you acquire goosebumps, for this reason when they go away you have the right to still feel the hair was standing up. Just like Brysamo said below.

When I cut my balls and they obtain cold, they execute shrink, however when I get goosebumps and also my girl friend rubs on them she claims they feel favor the hair is growing. I do agree around goosebumps just enabling the hair to stand straight up. Through much more experimentation with various sources ns shall come back with a more valid response


Or just logic? return you pointed out you're handling a woman, so ns guess that'd be just silly.

Goosebumps space an old evolutionary trait, in stimulate to rise the airspace above the skin to help retain heat; this is why you get goosebumps when you space cold. The exact same reaction can be prompted as a are afraid response, in which instance it would be used to do you show up bigger to your enemies by fluffing her body hair.

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This legend is like the one that says as soon as you shave, her hair comes earlier twice as thick. If that is true, then exactly how come people's encounters aren't make of treetrunks for beard-hairs?

Already searched top top Snopes, lol the logic dispute doesn't work-related with my girl. She's stubborn and also will think it until I present her some experienced with an opposing opinion on the subject.