Who is Billy Gibbons’ wife, Gilligan Stillwater? The ZZ height guitarist and lead singer and also Stillwater obtained married ~ above 14 December 2005 – and since then, she has actually been managing ZZ height from behind the scenes. Adhering to the death of ZZ Top’s bassist, Dusty Hil, fans have grown curious about the frontman’s an individual life.

Who is Billy Gibbons’ wife?

Gilligan Stillwater is the wife of ZZ height frontman Billy Gibbons.

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The couple got married on 14 December 2005, after knowing each various other for much more than 30 years.

Gilligan was just 15-years-old once she met Gibbons, that is 16 year older 보다 her, according to Briefly.

They only came to be close after conference a few times in Europe.

According come Rolling Stones, Gibbons want to take it his time prior to tying the knot.

He said: “I can have gone down the aisle a number of times, however I came to the conclusion that this life is as well short and also you got to do whatever you can while girlfriend can.

“I finally said, ‘OK, let’s try it out.’ It’s to be a splendid thing.”

Gilligan Stillwater’s life story explored

Gilligan Stillwater to be born Ellen J. Oetjen.

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Now walking by Stillwater, age 56, she has actually been controlling the band’s service for end a decade.

According come Celebrity Spy, along with her work-related with she husband’s band, Stillwater has also appeared in a few movies end the years.

She has starred in line & Mongoose (2013), Pickin’ & Grinnin (2010), and also in the brief film, The Snake and Mongoose Chronicles: episode 1 (2011).

In addition to this projects, she has likewise had a guest figure in the display Criss point of view Mindfreak.

Even though she prefers to store her life far from the public eye, Stillwater has actually been featured in Gibbons’ interviews a couple of times.

Since marrying, the pair has had actually no children and also doesn’t setup on having one any kind of time soon.

ZZ top mourn bassist Dusty Hill’s fatality at age 72

Dusty Hill, the bassist the ZZ Top, has passed away at the age of 72.

Photo by: Gonzales Photo/Terje Dokken/PYMCA-Avalon/Universal Images group via Getty Images

According come BBC, bandmates Billy Gibbons and Frank Beard said that Hill passed away in his sleep at his house in Houston, Texas.

Earlier in July, ZZ Top had actually announced the Hill would certainly not play part upcoming shows as result of a i know good injury.

Known because that his bushy beard and also sunglasses, Hill played through ZZ peak for end 50 years.

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Gibbons and Beard’s statement read: “We, along with legions of ZZ top fans about the world, will miss your steadfast presence, your good nature, and enduring meeting to providing that monumental bottom to the ‘Top’.

“You will be to let go greatly, amigo.”

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