Who walk Amy end up with? The secret Life of one American teenager is an American teenager present that released its final fifth season earlier in 2013. The ABC family members television series was created by Brenda Hampton. The collection was initially aired in 2008. The premise the the series follows a story the a teenage girl Amy Juergens. She acquired pregnant right before beginning high school. The collection follows Amy, her life, friends, family, high school, and relationships v the characters. Amy gets pregnant by a student called Ricky at band camp. Once she entered high school, she starts a relationship with Ben Boykewich. Even after Ben find out about her pregnancy, the proposed come her. They obtained married, but with time they learn their marital relationship was void together they room still underage.

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The top character the Amy Juergens was illustrated by Shailene Woodley. The role of her boyfriend Richard Ricky Underwood to be played through Daren Kagasoff. The character of Benjamin Ben Boykewich was played through Ken Baumann. Now in the article, we will certainly talk about who does Amy end up with. Is the Ricky or Ben? Firstly, we will talk about her an enig life thereafter around the male with whom she end up in an enig life.

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All around the secret life the Amy Juergens

The fifteen-year-old girl Amy that is pregnant v Ricky’s baby, is still confused about her life. After Ben dissolved their marriage, she decides on adoption. However, the fostering failed as result of Ricky’s interference. She then decides to save the baby. At the hospital, Amy reprimands Ricky for getting her pregnant. Yet soon, she realizes her mistake and also admits she is responsible because that what had actually happened. Amy gives birth to a son John. After break up through Ben throughout her school days, she briefly dates Jimmy, she mother’s ex-boyfriend’s son.

Fortunately, Ben and Amy get back together through the finish of the year. Yet this lasted just for couple of days. Castle again had actually a breakup together Adrain obtained pregnant by Ben. After break up through Ben, Amy establishes feelings for Ricky. 3 months later, Amy moves into Ricky’s apartment through John. Quiet later, Ricky proposed to her to marry him. To which she agrees however later decided to provide some time to her relationship. Later in season four, she discovers the her mom is lesbian and decided come elope with Ricky. Too much of she surprise, the agrees. But, she adjusted her mind and decided to go after her degree in new York City.


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Who go Amy Juergens end up with? Is the Ricky or Ben?

Yes, Amy ends up with Ricky. Yet how? In the final episode, Amy Juergens packs she bag and also heads for new York City. When Ricky and little John stayed behind. The last scene confirmed the pair reading a bedtime story analysis an ending line she stays happily. But still, there room so numerous lingering questions. Perform Amy and also Ricky get back together? Is the series had a happy ending? Well, after ~ the display gets over, MTV holds your reunion. Shockingly, castle revealed a lot about the series. According to Brenda, Amy never leaves new York.

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She doesn’t have to after all her loved ones room there with her. Yeah, you guess the right. After a couple of years, Ricky and John moved to brand-new York City to live v her. John’s grandfather and Amy’s dad, George, likewise moved v them. Well, does that average Ricky and Amy get back together? The price is yes, castle do. Amy and Ricky get ago together. Moreover, they also got married! Amy has a effective career in documentary films. Meanwhile, Rocky, together with Leo, is amidst producing a fast-food chain.