Many baby and juvenile leopard geckos can be moody and skittish, resulting in bites. However, it can likewise be one adult leopard gecko who little bit you. If leopard gecko bites space not an extremely serious, they make both you and your gecko uncomfortable. In this post, us will discuss common reasons why leopard geckos bite and also how to protect against leopard gecko bites.

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Do leopard geckos bite?

Yes, leopard geckos can bite, and also babies are an ext likely to bite you than adults. Several of the reasons for biting incorporate aggressiveness, mistaking her hand because that food and also being scared or annoyed.

How pains is a leopard gecko bite?

Leopard gecko bites need to not ache much. Infant leopard gecko bites don’t hurt in ~ all. Also adult leopard geckos don’t have huge teeth, so a bite is not likely to draw any kind of blood. Leopard gecko bite will feel like a pinch.

Leopard gecko bite attracted blood?

The best method to disinfect a tiny leopard gecko bite that attracted blood is come wash your hands through soap and also disinfect the wound v hydrogen peroxide, clean alcohol or antibiotic ointment. Cover with a plaster to protect against infection.

How to avoid a leopard gecko indigenous biting you?

To protect against your leopard gecko native biting you, you require to recognize why that is doing it in the very first place. What space the potential causes of biting? listed below you will find a list of possible causes and prevention because that leopard gecko bites.

Tip number 1: Don’t manage your new leopard gecko

The truth is, your new leopard gecko will be scared as soon as you carry it home. You need to not handle your new leopard gecko because that at least 3 weeks ~ bringing it home. Instead, you should only offer it food and also water in the bowls and also clean its tank because that the very first two weeks.

throughout the 3rd week, you can start hand feeding your leopard gecko. If your leopard gecko is comfortable in ~ this stage, then you have the right to start dealing with sessions.

But dealing with not as soon as you choose up your leopard gecko – it has to come ~ above your open up palm. Only after a month or more, you deserve to start progressively picking up her leopard gecko, but be very gentle, quiet and slow.

Another reason why you shouldn’t handle your new leopard gecko is because it deserve to get really stressed and also drop that is tail.

This uses especially because that babies, and it is a great idea come keep taking care of at a minimum for the an initial 3-4 months (or till it grows 5-6 inch long). Babies have tendency to be very feisty, moody and also stressed, that can result in tail drop.

Both young and also older leopard geckos can be moody when you lug them home, and some will never love taking care of much. Leopard geckos don’t important enjoy managing – they tolerate it if friend tame them. Read a article on taming leopard gecko here.

Tip number 2: Don’t manage your leopard gecko once it’s offering you the signs

 Your leopard gecko might not be comfortable through you dealing with it, and it will offer you the signs. If her leopard gecko is hissing, screaming and also wagging the tail from next to side easily (or if the tail is up), it method to leaving it alone.

Don’t manage your leopard gecko in ~ this point to stop bites and also trust loss. Earlier off and also watch her leopard gecko. If the calms down, shot to approach slowly one an ext time. But if that screams again, the is much better to leave it alone.


This often happens once your leopard gecko is not tame and is not used to handling. Leopard geckos often wag their tail and move their shoulders from next to next to escape, and biting is often the last thing they do. But force dealing with will rest the trust.

Learn just how to tame your aggressive leopard gecko in this post.

Tip number 3: Don’t scare her leopard gecko, or it will bite you

If you strategy your leopard gecko’s tank suddenly and reach her hand to handle a leo, it will become stressed. Girlfriend must approach your leopard gecko’s tank slowly, making sure it can see you first. Usage your soft voice, therefore it can both see and hear you.

When reaching for your leopard gecko, never ever do it from above, together they watch it as a threat. You need to only place your hand native the far side or front, relocating in slowly. What is more, never ever make any type of sudden or jerky movements, as this will scare her leopard gecko and also it can bite you.

Tip number 4: store holding her leopard gecko when it’s biting you

If your leopard gecko all of sudden bites you when you are handling it, don’t drop your leopard gecko, scream or placed it back in the tank. If you push your leopard gecko or drop the after that bites you, it will be very stressful your leopard gecko and it have the right to lose that is tail.

If you put your leopard gecko earlier in the tank straight away, it will think that this is the method to do you leave it alone. As soon as your leopard gecko gets offered to that, that will always bite you as soon as you are taking care of it.

Instead, store holding your leopard gecko and don’t move if it bites you. There is a big chance that the bite will not hurt at all.

Tip number 5: Be cautious when hand feeding her leopard gecko

When hand feeding your leopard gecko, it can mistaken your finger for food and bite it. This is specifically true once your leopard gecko is hunting for food, and you stick her fingers in the tank.

Leopard geckos don’t execute this top top purpose, and if you are fine with small bites, climate it have to not cause any problems. If you don’t want any kind of bites, current your leopard gecko’s food in the bowl or use tongs, such as these.


Be careful when making use of tongs due to the fact that your leopard gecko can bite lock too, so store the food at the tip. If you use tongs an ext often, her leopard gecko will certainly associate them through food, rather than her fingers.

Tip number 6: Be careful when your leopard gecko is shedding

When leopard geckos are shedding, they might end up being moody and mistaken your finger for the skin.

So when your leopard gecko is shedding and also pulling its skin, don’t shot to with for your leopard gecko. Once pulling the skin, leopard geckos use much more force for this reason this bite could hurt a little.

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To sum it up, leopard geckos don’t often bite your owners. Leopard gecko bites are regularly accidental, or as result of stress. Anyways, your leopard gecko bites need to not hurt lot or in ~ all, therefore make certain not come throw her gecko if bitten.

If you think the your leopard gecko is not tame, review this article on taming a leopard gecko.