With every the focus on butts top top this site, I thought it would be downright foolish – rude even! – not to price this question. We all know that most guys love women’s

Dayyaamnn…. Pretty ass. Photograph credit (cropped): Tymtoi via flikr cc

butts. But perform women choose men’s butts just as much?

Alright, so I recognize that the bulk of material I write-up is mainly targeted towards the ladies, however that’s since it is mainly us women who room seeking to acquire a bootylicious butt!

However, because that the males – walk you know that women also can appreciate a an excellent butt top top a man?

Women Love Men’s Butts Too!

In general, ns wouldn’t say that females love men’s butts as lot as males seem to love women’s butts, but just like anything there are a wide selection of preferences out there, and also I’m certain there room women out there who absolutely adore the male butt.

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From what I have seen and experienced myself, i would have to say yes, women can and also do like men’s butts.

Now, I’m no one to objectify a guy, and also I don’t often put too much attention on physique – but I have to say that on the odd chance I have actually noticed that a guy has actually a quite butt, I commonly can’t protect against myself indigenous sneaking glances a great deal the the time.

For me, if a guy has actually a sub-standard butt, it’s not a big deal, however it have the right to be a little bit of a letdown. Nice butt on a man = definite bonus. 

What women Like about Men’s Butts

Allow me to start with mine Ode come the masculine butt: 


…just kidding guys. Instead of subjecting friend to part no-doubt low grade poetry, I’ll just provide you a little bit of insight into my own experience with exploring the male physique.

I don’t pretend come understand what provides it so, but if you discover a male with a quite butt, I have actually observed the following to it is in true around their butts:

A bit of shape is what I tend to appreciate around a guy’s butt.

For instance, many males it seems ~ to have a flat butt v not much shape or an interpretation down there, for example:

Where space the glutes at here?!

Now, the above image providing a sense of not-much-going-on-in-the-buttock-region might well be since of a poor selection of jeans which flatter the butt.

But there room other instances of men with a flat or non-existent butt:

This butt is no bad, because that sure, yet it’s not jumping the end at me or anything, either. I would not think twice about this butt and am decidedly neutral ~ above this one.

So as soon as I check out a man with a bit much more shape and meaning in their behind, i can’t aid but invest a small time checking them out. Guy’s butts are just awesome to look at at when they’re good! case in point:

“I love a man in uniform” once cheesy lines make sense. Photograph credit (cropped): Tymtoi via photopin cc

Workin’ the jeans, no a negative butt! photo credit: HotlantaVoyeur via photopin cc

Theres some nice things going top top in this brown pants. Picture credit (cropped): Tymtoi via photopin cc

Eye liquid alert…. Currently that is a nice butt! photo credit (cropped): Tymtoi via photopin cc

In instance you’re wondering, yes ns did very much reap sourcing ideal pictures because that this post. It to be a clinical process, yet nonetheless quite enjoyable and also yes, over there was part drooling.

Returning to my thoughts on guy’s butts:

They are also nice to hold.

They are also nice come cradle.

They are likewise nice come smack (lol) and also observe the succeeding reaction. Really entertaining (but because that the record I wouldn’t introduce trying this one on someone you don’t know).

It’s Not just Me Though…

I thought I’d translate in some proof from the internet to try and prove come you once and for all simply how crucial the masculine butt deserve to be!

Of course, no all women emphasis much on the male butt, but check out some of the responses below from women who do, native a forum post where women were request if they preferred men’s butts.

source: reddit

Methinks i may need to arrange to see the Captain America movie now. You deserve to view every the comment on Reddit, here.

Clearly, guys Need to occupational on developing a much better Butt Too..

So guys, acquire your ass come the gym and start building a better butt NOW! we women want to start reaping several of the services too…. In the meantime, for every you females out there who room eager for part eye-candy – check out a tiny collection I put together of hot butts on males for your appreciation.

Especially after check out researching (for science!) every these butts, ns am really emotion that the is a identify shame because that a guy not to work out his glutes. If girlfriend don’t, climate the lady in your life is surely absent out.

Unfortunately, a an excellent number of guys seem to have actually a level butt or almost no butt at all.

I need to say that after composing this article and seeing what I’ve been missing out on, ns feel favor I’ve readjusted my tune – from being a meh kind of girl, come a butt type of girl!

FYI males – exactly how To get a far better Butt

For the guys reading this, i hope you are considering functioning on your target after reading this.. If you’re new to it, you might be thinking ‘how’?

One an excellent place to begin is to check out exactly how to activate your glutes first of all.

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You can likewise brush increase on several of the best exercises for building butt muscles at this page of ideal Butt Exercises.

There room actually heaps of practice you have the right to do for building much better buns, various other than squats, therefore be certain to take it a look!

Squats arent the only method to building a much better butt, yet they sure have the right to help.. Please do consider including them (or some other glute exercises) into your occupational outs!

Finally, if you’re not the exercising form but still have a flat butt, you can combat it with a tiny help from modern clothing technology. Because that instance, please describe this short article on butt-padded underwear because that men as well as this one on target lifting underwear because that men if you desire to start getting some attention from the women in the short term!

I’m interested come hear your thoughts on this topic. If you’re a guy, do you job-related on her butt? (If not, you totally should… please?!)