Will this case http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?productId=15464336 right the iPod 5G? ns noticed the measurement sizes in between the iPhone and iPod are rather minimal and also was wondering if this would certainly at least stay on the iPod or would it just fall off?

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iPod: thickness is 0.24 customs while iphone 5 is 0.30 inches. This difference is most likely to make the iPod fit loose in the call case. Ns myself would certainly gt a situation made because that the iPod.

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I"ve been looking around but they aren"t making any kind of red sox instances yet at least. If the situation doesnt to the right perfectly ns going to try and great the inside of it v duct tape till I gain the ideal snug fit

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i do understand griffin is just starting to market ipod touch fifth gen cases (i recently inquired about cases), http://t.co/bOvKwUPO

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